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Run another 5K

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Western Mass AIDS Walk/5K

Did this with Randy (who doesn’t run!) and finished in 42:43 after a rough start of trying to get past walkers who started immediately after the runners. Also discovered that RunKeeper was useless in the park (kept announcing I was running a 29 minute mile—-no!).

SMART goal details

This goal is also listed in my “Do my things” goal so I feel like I just evaluated it. Nevertheless, I’m keeping it in my main list so I should reconsider it specifically and make it a SMART goal.

I want to run another 5K.

This will be accomplished when I cross the finish line of a 5K I’ve registered for.

I can easily do the run. It’s just the registering and showing-up that I need to keep in mind.

It’s realistic. Not too expensive and there are many options. If I don’t run a different one first, I will at least do the Hot Chocolate Run in December.

I want to do this by December 31, 2011.

Steps to schedule:
Continue regular running.
Find a race I want to participate in.
Schedule it.
Train in the 6 weeks prior.
If possible, check out the route before the race.
Show up and sign in.

Next step:
Continue regular running

Steps done ():

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