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go snowboarding

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Once again postponing

Once again I have to put this off till next winter. There’s some snow on the ground right now, but in general we’re in warming-up mode here. I definitely won’t have an opportunity to go snowboarding before the current snow melts, so…next winter.


...this looks like it is not going to happen this year. Or at least not till next winter. Oh well.

SMART Goal Details

I want to go snowboarding to improve my skill and have fun. This could be satisfied by getting practice on local hills or by going to Berkshire East.

Go snowboarding, ideally at Berkshire East (or similar)

Yes. Going to Berkshire East will cost more (and be an obstacle) if I don’t get my snowboard adjusted.

Randy and I have talked about it and somewhat budgeted for a trip to Berkshire East.

Pretty much has to be done by end of March for 2011.

Contact Cat about fixing my snowboard
Schedule a day at Berkshire East
Practice in yard
Go to Berkshire East

Steps done:

Next step:
Contact Cat about fixing my snowboard

This may be something I can do at the end of the year...

but for now, there are no more opportunities on the horizon.


Yeah this is officially shelved until next winter. :(

I am going to work on getting more fit before then, so I’ll be less afraid I’m going to fall and break something!


I suspect this is going to stay on my “to do” list until next Winter. There was almost no snow this winter and what there has been has not inspired me to hit the slopes. I know there are snow making machines but they don’t seem to be very effective at the place near me.


...that would require some snow. Curse you, global warming.

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