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lose 10 lbs


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UU_Em has written 3 entries about this goal

Day Three

I’ve been doing well with the exercise, but it’s like my body is fighting against the lost calories because I find that when I first get home from the gym, I’m feeling good. Then, all of a sudden, I become RAVENOUS. Like I can’t control myself. I end up scarfing down a ton of food. Weird stuff. Like I took a box of Lucky Charms down and ate ALL the marshmellows then threw away the box. It was scary, like I couldn’t stop myself.

What the heck is going on?! >:-(

I have to figure out some way to control my eating because burning all those calories isn’t going to do me a bit of good if I keep eating them back into my body.

Today I’m a little nervous because it’s the first day that I am going to actually be out most of the day. The last two days, I was home all day. Now, it’s time for the orientation of a class I’m starting next week, so I’ll be there for most of the day. I packed a lunch—carrot sticks, salad and some chicken wings.

We’ll see how that goes.

I’m also supposed to be meeting with my boyfriend today, which is hard because like me, he loves to eat and makes it very tempting for me to scarf bad for me food. He exercises, but he’s not a big fan of eating healthy. He feels like, everything in moderation is okay. He also doesn’t recognize or avoid any food groups.

My dad on the other hand avoids pastas, white bread, cookies, candy, all the “good” stuff and he’s lost at least 20 lbs. His sweat clothes that he works out in were hanging off him the last time I saw him.

My mom is skinnier than me, but I think it’s because she is unhappy at her job and stressed taking care of my aging Grandmother. Most days she comes home and eats her lunch for dinner because she had no appetite at work.

So, today I’ll go to orientation and try to work out when I get home.


Yesterday I felt like I needed to throw up a little while I was working out. I came home and tried to eat some greens and the smell started making me feel sick and I didn’t want them. I wonder if that happened because I ate one of those microwavable egg omelets right before working out?

Today I ate a hand full of blue berries and I didn’t feel sick while working out. Aren’t blueberries a power fruit or something?

But, I digress. Today I am proud of myself because I worked out longer and according to the calorie burner on the eliptical, I burned 422 calories which is about 200 more calories than yesterday (which was 233).

I have to be careful though not to play too much of a numbers game because I get kind of obsessive. I remember the last time I was very successful in losing weight I was working out for 3 hours at a time and burning like 2,500 calories. It was great…until I pulled a muscle in my neck and wasn’t able to hold my head up straight for almost two months.

Then of course the weight piled back on. Plus, three hours a day is NOT realistic. It was the summer between when I graduated college and got my first job, so I had no rent or responsiblities. There was nothing to do BUT work out.

Unfortunately now I’ve got more on my plate.

It’s now 9:30. My plan is to take a shower, clean up and take care of some errands. I really want to lose some weight before school starts back because when I’m teaching, I’m stressed and when I’m stressed, I eat. But if I can get into a routine over the summer maybe it can carry into the school year.

Bit by Bit

Okay, in an ideal world, I think I need to lose about 70lbs, but it’s really hard because I eat for comfort. So…I’ve decided to start with a small, somehwat attainable goal. 10 lbs. THat doesn’t sound like much. I really want to lose 10 lbs this month and I’m hoping that by the time I start back work in August, I can be 20 – 30 lbs lighter, but I know from experience that losing weight quickly means that it normally piles back on really fast.

Went to the gym. Burned 233 calories. Yay! About to eat some greens and shower.


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