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get my palm read


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I went today

to get my palm read. B and I booked a double session with a palm reader in the city. I’ve wanted to get a proper palm reading done for a long time now, and B has also been curious. So on a whim, a few days ago, we decided to organise something.

I liked the woman we went to see. The session lasted about 3 hours – she took her time and didn’t rush. She has been practicing for 30 years and references different palmistry traditions – e.g. Indian, Chinese etc.

She split the time pretty evenly, spending about an hour and a half on each of us. I felt like a lot of what she said was quite accurate. One of the most interesting things for me was when she pointed to my having some ability with drawing and art. This is something I have mostly shelved over the last ten years or so. It makes me think I should look at taking it up again. I have certainly thought about it over the past few years but it just never seemed like the right time.

I think, if you are going to get this done it’s worth taking the time to seek someone out who has really studied palmistry and knows what they’re talking about. The last time I got my palm read it was at a market, and I didn’t think the reading was that good.


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