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eat only when hungry and stop when pleasantly full, thus divorcing myself from my greed for food

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God is good

I’m starting every day with my most important exercise, namely, getting on my knees and praying for Jesus to rewire me and remind me to turn to him. He’s gracious and I’m losing weight while knowing him more, which is the real benefit.

I'm definitely getting a feel for this

though I don’t always wait until hunger and obey it, I believe that I’m getting better at it in some regard. The “No Fries for 30 Days” goal has helped toward that end, I believe.

Someone once said, "Hunger is the best sauce." and I agree

It’s weird that when I wait until I’m actually hungry, my food tastes better than when I don’t. When I eat deliberately, it’s more enjoyable. Go figure.

What? do I think I’m not going to have enough? I’m not going to have another chance at food anytime soon enough? that there’s gonna me a shortage? Sheesh, desperate attempts at satisfaction/contentment/joy through food is kinda sad.

Now, why can’t I remember this stuff when I want my fries?

I'm working on it.

It’s hard to not be selfish and eat as much as I desire in my head, ignoring my body’s instruction.

I want what I want when I want it to whatever degree of quantity I can take. Though that would seem to be the recipe for freedom and happiness, it’s led to my being 54 pounds overweight. Some freedom. Maybe instead, (with the grace of God active in my life) by giving up my “rights” to have whatever whenever and listening to my ACTUAL hunger mechanism, I’ll gain freedom from compulsion and greed in regard to food. Accustomed excess is slavery of a whole different kind, ain’t it? Pray for me that in my day to day living, God’s influence and grace would increase and I, as a result, will decrease.

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