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run a marathon

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I did my Marathon yestarday!

I’m kinda sore right now, But i was good during the race. i was about a minute under my goal. This duke city is a fast course. It’s pretty flat. I just followed advice and directions and it was great. I was a little scared about if my wheels would fall off five feet from the finish, then i would breathe and pray and calm down and conserve energy. Thanks to my friends, who have helped me. the good that is you is my god.

Leaving for albuquerque,

Thank you for your support
You’ll see me in the Done This column on sunday!



just completed my 5mi tempo

had a hard time getting out there today. But it was good, and i did a good pace. Just a 3mi easy tomorrow, and then the next run is in the duke city marathon! I registered today and i booked a room for saturday night. My wife is going to run the Half marathon!
I’m pretty excited. This is a great way to practice my breathing meditating techniques! Ok…Lilbcheese .. Once with me, Breathe in, slowly deeply, all peace and nourishment, and out, all tension, anxiousness. repeat then rinse.


did my 2 mile easy..

easy… just 5 more days…

I did my easy long (8mi) today..

it was great! i was tromping at the bit! I had to make myself go slower (as per Coach Instructions) about a minute per mile less than instructed. I felt good. at the 4 mile turn point, two red tail hawks joined me and one circled me twice as i was running, I thought “how cool!” about 100 yards furthur on the other hawk (a big one) just kept doing tight circle’s right above me. 4 circles! I said Hi and was waving to them. It just pumped me up and i felt really good about being there at that moment.

i did my 5mi tempo today...

and my easy 2mi yesterday…I am now back on schedule, my long run was a day late. one more short long run (8mi) and then the marathon. that last long run kinda wore me out!

I felt good again today. yahoo!

due to yesterday's weather i ran my 18mi today!

it was cold and raining but due to the respones to my post yesterday…there was no way i was going to let a little rain and cold keep me from my long run. (James, your right it sucked) my time was not to great… but It’s the longest i’ve ever ran and also on the street. Last week was more of a gravelly trail (trinity Park). So i guess i’m feeling the special feeling of my legs being shorter than when i started out this morning. well thats enough for now, i’ve an appoinment with a sandwhich, a hottub, and a book. Much love to all..

Today is my long run and it's raining...

last week i was in dallas-fortworth area and the heat almost killed me, now i’m back home and it’s cold and wet. I’ve been real lucky with my schedule, so i guess i should expect a little choas. Hopefully it may slow down or stop pretty soon. I can do 18 in the rain, but i’d rather not. it’s 10:04 here…I’ll give it another hour then I’m goin, rain or no!!??••• Damn, sometimes i scare even myself!

Ran 16+

it’s was 95 degrees…ouch
my breathing was good, my legs were good. i’m pretty happy right now. I just finished about 30 minutes ago.


easy run day today- 4 miles??!!!

hey, who am i to question the “COACH”?

I did it 2 min under goal per mile. All on the street!
this street running is fast! Felt pretty good.


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