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be a good daughter


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I wish I could

I wish I could be an “good”....more like amazing daughter. I wish I could call my dad and spend hours on the phone with him so he knew I thought of him and cared. I wish I could hug my mother close and watch unsolved mysteries with her. I wish I could take care of them they way they loved and took care of me. I wish for just one moment, just a second, I would stop trying to fight for my “freedom” and independance and let them feel needed, let them know they are my world. But most of all, I’d give anything to hug them, to feel their amazing embrace and tell them how incredible undeserving I was to have them as my mom and dad, that everyday of my life was a blessing with them, that I will never let them go and that everything I am today is because of them. But these are lost moments, moments my desolate longing fingers will never grasp. For I am now the care taker of their graves instead. Love them every moment you have them, you’ll NEVER feel a deeper love then you do from your mom and dad.


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