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get my weight between 130 - 135 lbs

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I have been doing 5 mile walks one or two times a day but today is Friday and I haven’t walked since Saturday. What is the point of cheating on this? I am only cheating myself of that nice skinny body within me. I think I am going back to Jarrett. He kicks my butt so hard the weight just falls off… and I just fall on the floor after my workout with him. And then he still make me do my miles! Animal.

30 day challenge

I am accepting a challenge from someone on youtube for a 30 day weight challenge. My goal is to loose 20 lbs in 30 days. I purchased some of my food last night at Super Wal-Mart. I will be going out at 6:30 am for my first set of laps around the track. Here I go!

Wii Fit

My brother wants to purchase a Wii Fit for me for my birthday so I can reach my health goals. At first I prefered to go back to Jarrett, but the Wii Fit makes more sense financially, even though Jarrett’s rates are really cheap.


Jarrett, my trainer, just sent me a text to make remind me we are meeting at noon today. I am now training 3 times a week. My body is looking better.

Last week I mentioned to Jarrett that I think I am slimming down. He said I am definitely slimming down because he looks at the pictures he takes of me all the time and compares them to the ones from when I first started with him in May. He said that when I came I looked like a chipmunk. I laughed and told him that they were full of acorns. I thought that was hilarious, but I am only laughing because I don’t look like that anymore.

Changing this goal

I am changing this goal so that it reflects the weight I want to be instead of how much weight I want to loose. Otherwise, as the weight comes off I will have to change it anyway. Besides, I have decided I want to loose more than 45 pounds, so the number is going up instead of down.


I did not walk the loop yesterday or today. It’s after 8 AM now, so it is already too hot and humid for me to do it now. I don’t like the way I feel when I don’t work out. I believe it is more of a mental state of mind because when I work out, especially when I do two-a-days, I feel as if I have accomplished so much. I know that I judge myself according to what I have accomplished each day and I like it when I have a rhythm of achievement going.

I guess I will put on a workout video this morning and go to the gym or the track this evening.


I meet with Jarrett today at noon. I hope we have a really good workout because he is going to New York and won’t be back until Wednesday. I felt really out of sorts by not going to him yesterday. Maybe I can get an hour session out of him today…

The Loop

I walked around the loop yesterday, even though my walking partner bailed on me. The challenged turned out that my shorts were riding up the entire 2 1/2 miles. So I purchased new shorts and went back this morning. They were worse than the ones from yesterday! It was as if they were being sucked into a vacuum between my legs. I turned around and jobbed back to my car within less than one minute of starting out. I just can’t jog/walk when I feel that I am wearing a diaper.

Working out

I have been working out with Jarrett for about 7 weeks now. I got on the scale today and I weigh more than I did when I started! How is that??? I am strength training, doing cardio and eating healthy. I feel better, have more energy and I look better, but I want to see that scale going in the opposite direction.

5 miles

It is 5:30 am. Time to go to the beach and walk 5 miles.

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