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A few times today...

...I’ve been tempted to whine, but I’ve kept my mouth shut instead. It left a hole in the air, but it left that hole open for something more positive.

When I have nothing else to talk about...

I complain. The last few times I’ve felt moved to complain or flailed for something to talk about I

a.) thought of the old saw “if you can’t say something nice” and changed the “nice” to “positive” and kept my mouth shut.

b.) wondered if the complaint would add to the conversation I was in. Usually it doesn’t.

c.) decided that forming the complaint and trying to remember it meant that it wasn’t important and wasn’t worth expressing.

I’m starting to feel lighter already.

When I worked retail I used to complain a lot, so I got a blog and complained at length. My friends thought it was hysterical and I was able to take a look at things that used to bother me and see how silly they were and not complain anymore. Or as much.

I think I starting complaining when I was in junior high...

The cool kids do it- it’s like whining brings folks together. BS, m’friends! After complaining I just feel weak, whiny and stupid. So I’m going to try and make a concerted effort to stop. Let’s see how it goes.

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