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Stop comparing myself to other people

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I used to date this guy...

and he met another girl. She outweighed him by 40lbs, could pick him up and toss him around, could kick arse on a road bike, dressed frumpy (his words not mine), knits well (she “retaught” me), cooks well, has a doctorate and works in gene cloning (?), is a vegetarian, reads the New Yorker (I used to have a sub. and haven’t for awhile, though I enjoy the magazine), and could live on about $25K a year when I couldn’t function on $20K a year.

But I can do stuff too and I’m just as valuable a person. I don’t have to measure myself against her- only G*d is worth measuring myself against and only against Him will I ever come up short! (And this is coming from a baptised Episcopalian/ agnostic.)

Judging myself can lead to...

anxiety and worry. I am my own toughest critic.

It’s possible to believe in yourself without being deluded of what you are capable of and what you’re worth.

I need to see more shades of grey in myself and others. My sister, for example, is right that I can say things that are hurtful, but my mother says I’m compassionate.

This goes back to being honest, but...

I’ve been having a lot of trouble with this one. I lived in Japan for almost 6 years teaching English, I’ve travelled around the world, I got married briefly and had the sense to get divorced, went to grad school, run a website for fun, am healthy, have great friends and family, and have a job with a good company. So what if I’m in debt right now and live with my folks? My time will come again!

I just need to keep telling myself that everyone is special and that the guy with the 6 bikes that cost $5K a piece can still be unhappy and have an imperfect life. And he’s never been to Japan!

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