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Help victims of Hurricane Katrina

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How can we honor all those who lost their lives in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina?

Any ideas.

1. Dedicate a skills co-op that help people now displaced get out of poverty and need. Also just help all people in such need. Don’t exclude anyone in need. Like the 9/11 events excluded people. People who were displaced because of 9/11 events did not get help. Funds were misallocated by the Red Cross.

2. Make sure poverty doesn’t happen again in New Orleans or anywhere in the United States.

Need to find all those people displaced that are still in need

Lots of great stories about people getting jobs and better homes in other cities.

How about those who need assistance. What can we do for them. How can we reach them.

What is going to happen to the Displaced People

Are the Hurricane Katrina Relief Funds helping them. How can we track how efficiently the Hurricane Katrina Relief Funds are used for the welfare of the suffering and dead?

Real Help Underlying Issue 2. Why were the impoverished left behind in New Orleans

Its beyond race. Many great thinkers and writers believe what happened in New Orleans is due to race. I will seek to prove the issue is poverty. If New Orleans is to be rebuilt it needs models that beat poverty. That’s what I want to look into. Ways to ensure that poverty gets beat with all those big dollars.

Real Help underlying issue 1. cause of so many deaths

It is apparent that there was neglect of the levees and drainage of New Orleans, misallocation of funds and misallocation of fema and national guards.

Analyze how things could have gone so wrong, the trust that was given and betrayed.

How do we correct this. How to we do honor to the dead and those that suffer. Do we just wipe off our boots and say oh well it can’t be helped, and any other excuse.

I fear if we allow this, like we allowed 9/11, that we will have a third national disaster.

What can we learn for prevention.

Real Help for Real People In New Orleans

This is the kickoff to see what blogs and 43 Things can do for the Real People in New Orleans.

I also am posting for the first time from 43 Things to ‘Real People in New Orleans’.

I know its alot of work, I’ll learn something though. Maybe similar efforts are underway. I think this 43Things is a great way to find that out. To integrate ideas and efforts. To make something really great happen from something that was not great at all.

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