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run a 10K

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I’m on a post-race high. Treated the race as a long training run, just took it nice and slow. Finished in 51:15.

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Ran 5 km today; 10K race day is 2 days away

Did not run for time and ran without stopping.

Ran it in 23:28 which is 1:23 better than my last 5km run 3 days ago. Very surprising. Kept telling myself during the run that this was my slow pace. The first km was 4:26.

Ran 5 km today

Did not run for time, but finished in less than 25 minutes!

It was 30 degrees Celsius so it was too hot to run fast (without water) for time. Training runs this year have never been longer than 10 minutes so it was important to try a run longer than 10 minutes.

Registered for the 10 km Dino Dash so this week is a taper week.

6.5 km today

First km was 4:33, took a rest after 10 minutes. Then ran the remainder to the 4 km mark in 5:30, then rested. Next it was a fast (for me) 700 metres in 2:44. So it was a distance of 4.5 km in 20:14 of combined runs.

Walked the last 300 metres of the 5km loop and then ran out-and-back (2 km total) at slow pace.

40 minutes today

at a nice comfortable pace felt gooooooood! Stepped up the pace to cover the last bit (more than 800; less than 900 metres) in 4:00!

20 minutes today

Bottom line, didn’t have it today.

But I did run two ten minute blocks; 4.3 km total run distance.

First km was about 4:40 so it wasn’t fast-paced; overall average pace was about 4:40/km. That is 20 seconds/km faster than my 5km pace last year.

The goal is to run 5km in less than 20 minutes or 4:00/km so there is some more progress to be made.

40 minutes today

Yeah baby!

10 minutes run/1 min rest; 10 minutes run/2 min rest; 10 minutes run/1 minute rest; 10 minute run.

30 minutes today

in 3 sets of 10 min with 1 min rest. Left a little something in the tank!

Went right after getting home from golf where I walked more than 7 km carrying golf clubs; I always walk the course and always carry my golf bag.


yesterday and it felt good! I did sets of 10 minutes with 1 minute rests and then ran back to starting point which was 6:30 and at the end felt that I could go longer next running day.

I had a cheering (or jeering?) section in a car and encountered them three times during the first 10 minutes of the run: these girls honked and yelled something about my shorts.

33:30 yesterday

broken into a couple of 8-ish minute runs, a couple of 6 minute ones and a 5 minute one. Running distance was a little more than 6 km.

Started with the idea of doing four runs of 8 minutes each but screwed that up and then altered the plan on the run, so to speak.

Tio D. working to end Huntington disease has gotten 6 cheers on this goal.


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