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Vousavec in Los Angeles is doing 31 things including…

read for pleasure

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What stress relief!

I’m reading again, which feels good. For a while there (while in school) I wouldn’t read much, because I didn’t really have the time, but now it’s nice to relax before I go to bed and get my mind off of stuff that I shouldn’t be thinking about before I go to bed. It helps me unwind, even on trips in the car, I’ll have Ty drive and I’ll read. And I learn neat things, new words, new attitudes, new ideas. It’s great and I finally feel more human! :)

Another -

I just finished a Princessa book – “The Princessa : Machiavelli for Women” it was a good read, kinda over the top serious, but had good advice for women who want to succeed AND still be women. Still working on the interview book – I don’t want to give up. ugh. Also, I bought two of the “Stitch N’ Bitch” books, and they are great – read them both (though there isn’t THAT much to read in them, but they’re wonderful nonetheless.)I’ve started a new one, too – “Julie and Julia : 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen” I love it – it is witty. I’ve gotten through the first 3 chapters and I had to take it back to the library ‘cause someone else had a hold on it, so, I’ll get it back in about 2 weeks. And, this is good, because I have other books from the library at home that I would like to finish! I’d say this goal is about finished (since I’ve gotten into the habit of reading more – eh, I’ll let myself read one more book before I mark this one off….) :)

Another one!

Ok, so the Killer Interview book is in the dark…it is pretty much telling me what I had been assuming…

- I was visiting a local bookstore and bought “Left To Tell” along with a couple sewing magazines. The book is slightly religious but it is an amazing story of how this woman (the author) survived the slaughtering in Rwanda during the ‘94 genocide and also how she was able to cope with everything. It also explians the culture and how the events became possible to unfold. The book isn’t completely biased or hateful either, it’s just her thoughts, feelings of survival and how she lived and also forgiveness and understanding of her family’s killers; she was able to let go and move on, she broke away from that cycle of violence. It is a great read – I started reading it Saturday night and then when I woke up Sunday morning, I finished up the last two chapters. It will make you cry and wonder what’s wrong with people, that they should know better, but they don’t. I hope to meet this woman one day, she seems like a very intelligent and interesting individual (even when you don’t look at the ordeal she went through). Ok, now I have to get back to the Killer Interviews! I will get through this one!


So I finished this closet organization book and I am halfway through killer interviews, so that will make 2.5 books so far this month (compared to one per year!) I will probably get a stye in my eye or something, but at least I have medication for that now! (umm, seriously!) I love reading!!!


I finished the power schmoozing book. A fun rewarding read. Kinda inspirational. Now on to Killer Interviews!!!! Arg!


I'm about

halfway through Power Schmoozing and it’s wonderful.

I feel more relaxed when I talk to people and something hilarious happened this weekend. I was in line for a unisex bathroom at this more hip/jazzy/folk bar/club and infront of me were three guys. I had jumped in line because I though – “Oh, they’re guys, so they won’t take long.” I even cracked that joke, just to get some entertaining conversation going (as the book suggests)... and we laughed and started talking about chivalry (and how they are old-fashioned) and then they let me infront of them, which I wasn’t even expecting… (mind you I wasn’t ‘dressed to kill’ – just regular jeans and t-shirt and hair pulled into a low ponytail…)

Kinda neat, I was able to be myself and had an interesting, funny conversation with strangers AND I was able to go to the restoom 2 people faster.

Nifty – I can’t wait to get to Killer Interviews!

Oh, my extensive reading list.

I have many books to read. In no order:

Stuff for personal gain:
1) 48 Days to the work you love (almost finished with this one)
2) Power Schmoozing
3) Killer Interviews
4) Memoirs of a Geisha
5) Pokolenie Teresy
6) Real Simple: The Organized Home
7) Better Than Beauty: A Guide to Charm
8) The Men in Your Life : Timeless Advice and Wisdom on Managing the Opposite Sex (I’m perfectly happy with my man, but I want to see what all the fuss is about in this book)
9) A Guide to Elegance : For Every Woman Who Wants to Be Well and Properly Dressed on All Occasions
10)The Lucky Shopping Manual : Building and Improving Your Wardrobe Piece by Piece (thought this one might be fun!)
11) Dealing With People You Can’t Stand (I have problems with this – these two books could be really good reads.)
12) Emotional Vampires : Dealing With People Who Drain You Dry
13) Pocket Idiot’s Guide to Living on a Budget (I know budget living, but I want to see if there is something I missed…)
14) Live Your Road Trip Dream: Travel for a Year for the Cost of Staying Home (Always wanted to take a road trip as I move west.)
15) Sexy Jobs in the City: How to Find Your Dream Job Using the Rules of Dating (ehh….I dunno about this one, but I heard it has useful info)

And now for Acting/movie-chasing reads:
I’m not going to even number these, as I have not decided which ones to buy/rent/read.
(input is appreciated about what is good/bad)
~Cold Reading and How to Be Good at It
~A Practical Handbook for the Actor (Vintage)
~Challenge For The Actor
~Ten Minutes To The Audition: Your Last-Minute Guide and Checklist for Getting the Part
~The Art of Film Acting: A Guide For Actors and Directors
~Michael Caine – Acting in Film : An Actor’s Take on Movie Making
~Creating a Role
~The Power of the Actor
~The Intent to Live : Achieving Your True Potential as an Actor
~A Dream of Passion : The Development of the Method
~Getting the Part : Thirty-Three Professional Casting Directors ~Tell You How to Get Work in Theater, Films, and TV
~Acting for the Camera : Revised Edition
~Building a Character
~How to Stop Acting
~Twelve Step Plan to Becoming an Actor in LA: From Your Town to ~Tinseltown
~The Power of the Actor : The Chubbuck Technique
~Casting Qs: A Collection of Casting Director Interviews
~Acting Qs: Conversations with Working Actors
~Digital Filmmaking 101: An Essential Guide to Producing Low Budget Movies
~Acting Is Everything: An Actor’s Guidebook for a Successful Career in Los Angeles
~How To Be A Working Actor: The Insider’s Guide to Finding Jobs in Theater, Film, and Television
~On the Technique of Acting
~Self-Management for Actors: Getting Down to (Show) Business
~An Actor Prepares
~How to Audition: For TV, Movies, Commercials, Plays, and Musicals

How cool

There is this AWESOME book called “48 Days to the Work You Love.” It’s really neat and the author is pretty interesting. It gives you practical advice and a new outlook towards getting paid for your time and efforts. Feels like I’m talking to the guy myslef – I like those kinds of reads. Anyways, I’m not finished, yet – but I think this might be one of the bigger reasons why I am more positive now. I’ve been looking at things the wrong way. I might not agree with everything this guy says, but it’s good advice, so I’m enjoying it!

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