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Vousavec in Los Angeles is doing 31 things including…

feel beautiful

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It's all about your insides.

So… basically, moving to a big city makes you look differently at things, including yourself. As your patience runs out for certain things (because you are busy all the time), your thoughts also stop going to worrisome things, because there are much better things that deserve the time to think about.

I’m not worried about not feeling beautiful anymore – sure there are off days but why should I care what someone else thinks of me? I guess over the course of the past few years, as I’ve become more “jaded” – I realized that your mind can be your worst enemy. So if I just smile and be myself, I’m going to feel beautiful. As cheesy as it sounds, a smile can do wonders. So even if I’m worn out and tired feeling, if I’m out and about, and I smile at someone, they inevitably smile back. And at that point in time, both of us feel beautiful. It’s as simple as that.

What helps and what confuses....

So it was art show night… My guy was busy (since he was running the thing) and i felt a little lonely. I told myself, “Hey, dont be stupid! Go out and socialize, make new friends and have a good time!” So I sort of did. Well, my other half’s brother started to play music (live folkish music at an art show – it was amazing). I really like to listen to his brother sing and play guitar – his songs are really good and moving (about family, etc).

Anyways, I sit in one of the chairs in that area, so I can get a good look and listen. As soon as he starts playing, a guy shows up and sits next to me, he’s really nervous. Anyways, we start talking about art. He keeps moving closer, and I keep leaning a little away… I would have said something, as in “I have a boyfriend,” But somehow my woman game genes took over and didn’t, since I thought, “It’s a conversation, not the best, but maybe this guy is someone important, I dont want to make my other half look bad, and maybe if he sees me, he will get jealous and save me – say something to me if only to acknowldge my existence.”

Well, he did see me and said it looked like I was having too good a time for him to bother us. So much for womanly meddling, I only ended up making him a little mad. But I was angry, too. I thought it would be proper to introduce me to a few people on his behalf, but oh well. Maybe that’s a man thing. (Yes, yes, I know I was being a little immature, still though.) Having him mad was not my goal. I think he was mad because his dad saved me – said, “Hey, can I get picture of you by your art?” I said, “SURE!” Grabbed my drink and said excused myself from the male predator.

Turns out later that night, the guy rushed into the room, very nervous and up to me and started the, “Me and my friends are heading out and I was wondering if after the show you wanted to hang out? Maybe you could give me your number? I mean, do you even have a boyfriend?” Ok, so it had gone too far… so I nicely dropped the bomb, interuppting him, “Yes, I actually have a boyfriend” with a smile on my face and fear/dread in my stomach. He was polite and we both agreed that we enjoyed our earlier conversation about art.

NEXT! Forward a couple of hours to the breadown of the show. I pack my things and I’m ready to go. My other half is still busy and no one really needed my help, so I told him I was going to go to the house ‘cause I was tired. He seems surpried, but sad, “ok.”

I’m driving to our apartment and something tells me not to pull into the driveway… I see this car behind me and of course I get nervous, so I decide to go get a milkshake to cheer me up. I don’t know – Im crazy. Anyways, I get to the shake place and go inside. I get seated by this guy and I order, then start writing in my journal little dabs here and there.

“Oh, so you’re a writer, too?1” Oh boy, I just wanted to be alone and here is a nice guy that wants to talk all of a sudden. So I start talking about music with the waiter, because I felt that would help pass the time better than sitting all lonesome and sulky. Anyways, out of nowhere, after about 2 of my opinions, he starts gushing about how beautiful and amazing he thinks I am… I’m speechless… Here I am, wanting to sulk about how I want to be with my man, and yet to guys have latched on in the same night. >.< So, I’m nice and I listen to the guy, I’d like to eat, too. So I do…

In about an hour I get a phone call and it’s my other half. He’s at a store, and he’s wondering where I’m at/if I’m ok, because the door lock broke to our apartment door and he couldn’t get in. I let him know the situation and he wants to come right away and give the guy a hint. I tell him not to, because the guy is a good guy, a little rough on the edges, and it’s my fault for not mentioning it. The milkshake guy was so happy – he said this was his year of change and all – It’s my year of change, too, but my current boyfriend is the one thing that I didn’t plan on changing. Either way, I end up with a man’ phone number and the option to call or stop by another night for a milkshake.

I go home and meet up with my boyfriend. Maintenance doesn’t respond and the security officer suggested kicking the door in and calling maintenance the next day to fix it… So my night ends with me and my boyfriend taking turns and breaking the door with our shoulders. We get in, lock the one lock that still works and go to bed.

I ended up having the conversation of shields.. That I usually hold my shield up REALLY high, introducing him to all my friends, etc. But he doesn’t with me. He said he didn’t really know the artits at the show, yet he organized them. He knew them more than me, and I thought it would have been fun to meet everybody…

Maybe it was the cat-eye eyeliner I had… I don’t know, but if you have nights like this, you end up with strong feelings in the end – I just don’t know if beautiful was one of them!!

Ever wonder what it takes to make someone feel beautiful?

Is it a kind word, or a soft touch? Or material things?

Is it a feeling of love – can you love someone too much?

Can you love somone so much that they don’t even know you do?

Does a fast car or a new haircut make you feel beautiful? Or do you feel like a cheat trying to fit in? Are you bold enough to blossom and be a rare flower? Is your shell too hard to let anything in?

Sometimes I smile at people and they smile back – it’s very subtle, but it makes me feel nice inside. I wonder what would happen if we all wore our emotions on our sleeves? What I mean is that we would be honest with each other, especially letting others know when they hurt you? Do you notice when you hurt someone else, or are you too busy? What happens when everyone is too busy? You love each other, but then how do you know if you don’t show it? Or maybe you do, but your actions aren’t received that way by the person you love. Just some thoughts and random dabbles…

What makes us feel beautiful?

For me it’s true love, compassion. Courage. True beauty is the strength to hold your head high with dignity when it starts to storm. So, how do you make yourself feel beautiful?

I think I’m going to start by looking in the mirror and telling myself, every morning, that I am beautiful. I am worth more and that I will achieve great things and happiness. But I have to be willing to let everyone else in. :)

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