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Practice the Tarot everyday

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I don’t practice everyday Like I should..I do about 3 or 4 readings a week. when I get over all my hobbies I’ll be better with this.


I have too many decks. I tend to give my decks personalities. (I know…freaky weird) I tend to think they will get hurt feelings if I don’t read with them. (I do that with my rpg dice too.)

I need to grab one deck and really work with it. I can do readings..I am good at them (at the risk of sounding modest.)

But I need to just stick with one deck and do the damn readings. I don’t know..I love all my decks…

It is a toss up between
The Hudes Tarot (lovely gentle deck with a more inner look)
the Robin Wood Tarot (more out in the world full of life deck)

think I’ll do the robin wood deck

(though the Jane Austin deck coming out this summer has me panting…Damn you Lo Scarboro!!!)

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