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I have been practicing my cursive. You know the cursive you learn in school. Not what it morphs into when you get older. It is funny..but going back and looking at the way the letters are formed, I am so totally off. It is hard to retrain myself.

I don’t have the shoulder thing down yet though. It is hard to write with your whole arm.

I am lusting after a fountain pen. The one I want is 40 dollars!!! I can’t see spending that much on a pen though. I love writing with them though.


thought I would go ahead and look up some of the things on my list and I found a really neat article on how to improve your handwriting.

wow…it is surprising how something everyone takes for granted is so hard to change.

The article is

I think finding a pen I love is a good thing. I love fountain pens. when I was in highschool they actually had really neat disposible fountain pens. I have not seen them in forever and I wonder if they even make them anymore.

I would love to have a few of those. Ya know?

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