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WriDivyater has written 3 entries about this goal


Drink it with confidence
drink the confidence and
possess self confidence.

Hmm! Come on! Drink and taste
Your wonderful confidence
and be dare and active.

Boil your confidence very tastely,
drink it with that only.

It comes with you
wherever you are.
Don’t live your drink, beware.

Confidence is tastier than coffee.
because coffee gives relief only to physical pains.
But confidence erases your mental pains.
So go on and drink
the confidence
to possess self confidence.


Come, come, come
come look at me.

See my innocent face
with a cute smile.

After seeing this smile,
Do you want to be a mile away from me?

Please don’t be hard on me.
If you want you can play with me.

Come and look into my lovable eyes.
My eyes are filled with lots of good things.

So see my smiles and lovable eyes on my face.
Yet if you don’t have a heart to love me,
it’s my fate.

See my innocent face
with loads of cute smiles.
See my lovable eyes
with loads of good things


World shiners are flowers.
They are shining because of showers.
They shine like stars,
which are rotated by the planets.

Flower brings beautiful fragrance smell
which makes people active, who are ill.
Everyone likes these, this is a good feel.
Some fellows think to pluck them, feeling thrilled.

Children are often compared with buds
As they behave like buds of flowers.
World shiners are flowers.
Which shine like stars.


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