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They gave me the attendance waiver yesterday. I graduate on Friday. FUCKING FINALLY!!!
Class of ‘07


May 18th. Less than 1 month to go! :D


I get to wait until 2 days before graduation if I get my appeal or not. >_< WELL MAY 16 is just around the corner, right? I think not.


Yesterday I talked to my counselor and the attendance office lady and Im going to make an appointment with my dean to discuss and prepare for an appeal. They made it sound like an absolute guarantee I’ll get an appeal IF I dont miss another single day of school… there goes my brothers birthday. And the family was supposed to do something special, but my BF wont count me out, so now they might have to reschedule.. they all marked off for work and are gonna be PISSED. He said to ask anyway if I can take the day off but I think they’re giving me a break as it is. Ugh.

I give up.

Well I already F.A.’d and it’s not even my fucking fault. I missed like 6 too many days, well sorry my brother died. Jeese. This school is rediculous. I am supposed to recieve my magna cum laude diploma on May 18th, but it doesn’t seem like that is going to happen. Shit. I made an appointment with my counselor to find out my options. An appeal is probably out of the question since I dont live with my parents and they have to be present for one. (I think. AND Im taking my brother’s birthday off on the 27th, NO MATTER WHAT.) And my BF was in the hospital last week so I missed 2 more days. AND i got sick but have no insurance & cant see a doctor.. life sucks. Sorry for whining, it makes me feel better tho :)
Let’s just hope for summer school, I ONLY NEED A HALF CREDIT FOR ENGLISH!!! There’s no way Im doing another unnecessary full time semester… we’ll see.

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