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It has been about five months now, and I’ve finally made it. It’s over with, for good! I still can’t believe it took me so much time to finally do this, since it works for most people within a month. But still, I have gotten there, with a few struggles, but all in all, I am very proud of myself. And I now have a right to be.
My well-deserved vacation in Europe, here I come!!! <3

Edit: Keldar, thanks so much for your help. It might’ve just been a little comment to you, but it totally brightened my day, and it made me stronger. Thank you so much :)


Tuesday is THE DAY. On Tuesday, I will know if I’ve finally defeated what I’ve been fighting against for five months.
Five months.

Why isn't this working?!

I’ve tried so many things, and it just doesn’t seem to work for me… All the five different things I’ve tried have failed. Now I’ve started the last thing after seeing a professional, and if it doesn’t get better after 10 more days, I don’t know what I should do anymore. This has been going on for almost four months, there has to be a way somewhere…
Oh wish me luck! :’(

Getting there...

YES! I’m almost there! I’ve finally asked my mother for help, and my friends and boyfriend are supporting me a crazy lot, too.
Fuck, I am lucky to have people like them! <3


It’s getting worse. What I thought was harmless is actually starting to bother me… a lot. And maybe it’s harming me as well.
FUCK THIS SHIT. I have one month left to do this, and if I could pluck up my f**king courage and just GO, I would be done with this! :@
Maybe I shouldn’t call this a secret goal anymore. I’ve told one of my friends about it today, and she said she was going to get some help for me.
I never knew that such minor things could bother me so much :’(
Alright, I am planned out for this weekend…
Monday, NO excuses. Absolutely NONE!!! And if I have to tell my mother about this and get her to help or drive me, I fucking will, god damnit!!!!


I don’t know why I put this goal as a secret goal, for it’s listed on 43things at least a million times. But I wouldn’t really like to let everyone see what I don’t even want to admit, so I’m just going to keep it to myself.
I’m going to give myself 2 months to accomplish this goal, starting today. I don’t even know why I’m giving myself so much time, since it could probably be done in one or two weeks.
I really have to get this done, since there are some things on my list that I would love to do that can’t be done before this.
They probably could be done – but I would put myself in a completely emberassing situation. I don’t even want to think about it.
I really wish luck to all of those that added this Secret Goal to their lists. All of you, I hope you will do good in this!!

Take care,

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