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Lose 20 Pounds in June 2011

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I've completed the consequence for my not losing all of the 20 pounds

I fullfilled my chore of walking and then running around the trackfield. It took me 3 hours.

Hopefully, I won’t have to do this again next month. It was exhausting.

But, I met a guy who asked for my phone number while I was there, so I guess it wasn’t all bad!

Lost 18 pounds :(

I lost only 18 pounds this month. I think it’s because I have less to lose. I’m gonna try to lose 20 in July.

I’ve also been resistance training so I might have gain muscle.

On a good note, I’ve lost 25 1/2 inches since I started this program and 8 pant sizes.

I’ve encouraged my daughter to eat better, as well as my son. As a result, my son now eats a high alkaline menu and my daugther has been eating more vegetables and taken off weight as well.

I am 1 size away from fitting into her old clothes and she now needs a new wardrobe (I’ve been altering her clothes so we can buy her new clothes in NYC and California).

My health issues are under control and I feel great!

By the way, I’ve dyed my hair and feel like a new person!


Ok, well I’ve reached a place common to all dieters. The dreaded plateau! I hate the plateau. I try to remind myself that “plateauing is just a rehearsal for maintenance” but that phrase only helps when you’re not at the plateau!

I’ve stablized at around 75 pounds weight loss, having lossed only between 7 and 9 pounds this month so far (the needle keeps moving) and yesterday I was feeling a little “down” about it.

Today, however, I’m ready to get back into the groove of my diet and exercise regime. I think I’m going to change it up abit and take my speedwalk uphill.

Good news is that I’ve started a high alkaline eating program and my knees don’t hurt anymore! I even jumped rope yesterday! Something that hurt my knees before, and I did exercises on the floor, which I also couldn’t do before! Sooo, YAY! for me!

I’ve been on the program for 1 week. I also had to cut down on the cayenne pepper drink because of the hot weather (it raises your metabolism, therefore making you suceptible to heatstroke in this very hot weather).

Well that’s the update on my weight loss. I’m gonna make a mid-month weigh-in to see if this plateau is broken through next week. Didn’t think I’d hit a plateau on this type of a diet, but, I guess I was wrong!

Moderate Exercise days

Yesterday and today, I did moderate exercise. I hope it doesn’t affect my goal for this month. I’ve been eating light, so I think it’ll be alright.

I went grocery shopping and bought high alkaline foods today. I still have to buy foods that I’d rather not have in the house for my family. I hope someday they they will decide to eat better for their health.

Since I did alot of walking today going from the health food store to the grocery store and the bank, then walking up and down the stairs to bring the groceries into the house, I skipped my outdoor workout. I plan to do resistance training (I did some this morning) this evening, too.

Tomorrow I’ll resume my regular workouts.

And June Begins a New Goal

I started June with a new attitude. It’s really hot here this week and I went out yesterday to workout. I went at the wrong time of day (12pm – 1:30pm) and got heat stroke.

I didn’t think my plan through. I wanted to go out at noon because it was going to be 80 degrees at noon and I wanted to sweat more. Silly me, I totally forgot about heatstroke!

So then, I found a shady and breezy area and poured the water I had left in my bottle over my head and face. Then, I sat and waited until I felt better. When I came inside, I took a nap and felt much better when I woke up.

Today, I’m going out at 7:30pm when it’s cooler. Oh well, summer’s really here! (how could I forget “heatstroke! LOL).

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