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I know I'm not awesome,

but I do feel like I’ve definitely improved, so I’m marking this as done even though I plan on continuing to improve!

the New College men's novice A boat in the Christ Church Regatta, Michaelmas term

3rd from the right in the striped hat is my boyfriend

this one was an accident,

but I think it came out kind of cool—

Derwentwater [Lake District - Keswick, England]

I don't know

I don’t know what the hell I’m doing—someone give me some pointers…..

Goosie Goosie

There’s an awesome riverbank park thing 5 minutes away from our house in Oxford. I visited this afternoon to do some reading.
When I sat down on the dock, this goose swam right over to me and watched me, waiting for food I presume. I didn’t have anything to feed him! I felt so terrible! He floated around at my feet the whole time I read my book. I finally got up and picked some berries off the tree for him, but he didn’t really like those.

Sorry, goosie.

Trafalgar Square

I don't know

if this is any good, but I like it.

I just thought it was convenient

to have a sign that says “The New Yorker” right next to a serious icon of NYC.. the ole Empire State Building

Not sure why I like this photo...

those are two of my cousins. We hung out in NYC for a weekend, and that’s the Manhattan skyline as seen from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade.

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