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have at least 1 'spend free' day a week

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Can it be true?

Yes!! A full spend-free day yesterday—mostly due to the fact that I brought my lunch and then there was also free food at work that I snagged for dinner (I had to work late). I have to admit it feels really good bringing my lunch to work again.

Today was absolutely "spend-free"!

No exceptions…and without my team of shinyruby and sketchmonkey I wouldn’t have been able to do it. Everytime I had the urge to get a chai at Starbucks or pick up a snack on the way to this thing or that thing, I thought of you!

The day is not over...

but so far I’ve only spent $6 on stamps (but I needed them so that I could mail off my bills…). I brought my lunch in to work and didn’t even have to leave the building, which was a good thing because of all the snow! Avoiding Starbucks on a day like today was a feat in itself.

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