Zaipher in Singapore is doing 31 things including…

100 hours of voluntary work

78 cheers


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Zaipher has written 5 entries about this goal

(4) Total: 13 hrs

Back stage work at Jubilee Hall, Raffles Hotel.

(3) Total: 9 hrs

(3) Data entry – 3 hrs

I did data entry for a public library situated at a shopping mall.

(2) Total: 6hrs

(2) Book Shelving – 3 hrs

I was assigned to the children’s book section. I think I can do
better than that.

(1) Book Shelving 3 hours

Before I started I have to attend a 2-hr training session.
It’s a easy programme. It explain the book arrangement system
of the library. Very interesting.

Just signed up!

I just signed up as a volunteer of the local community library today. Frankly speaking, this is not me, I’m always consider myself a self-centered person and never thought of spending my precious time to the society. Commiment of 100 hours of voluntary work is really a big challenge. Hope to have a good start!

Zaipher has gotten 78 cheers on this goal.


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