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1200 hours of game-time on PS3 console

4 cheers


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my record

PS3 Game

Final Fantasy 13 – 45 mins

Star Ocean – The Last Hope : 2 hr 5 mins

Eternal Sonata : 128 hours 45mins

Aquanaut’s Holiday : 10 hours

Total: 141 hours 35 mins

Blu-Ray Movie

Resident Evil:Degeneration : 1 hrs 36 mins

Resident Evil:Degeneration : 1 hrs 36 mins(second viewing for testing my newly bought HD TV


King Kong

The Phantom of the Opera


Brokeback Mountain

A way to make it value for money

I am not a die-hard fan for game, but I do own a PS3 console. Just to make it value for money, I decided to spend at least 650 hours of quality game time ( Well, this include watcheing blu-ray movie as well) on this console. If I do it an hour per day, this goal can be accomplished within 2 years. However, I don’t mind to take a longer time to finish it because I just cannot induldge myself in game everyday.

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