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update my wardrobe

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Yes and no.

I could have listed this as complete (I’ve lost a lot of weight and needed new clothes- and got them), but then the partner mixed up the hot and cold water lines on the washing machine and many pieces of clothing were ruined. So now I get to play this game again, and am not really all that happy about it.


A pile of clothing that was as tall as a 4 year old was donated one week ago. Somehow my closet is still overflowing. How confusing!

First thing is first

Out with the old ill-fitting clothes! I will be donating them to goodwill or shelters, and hopefully someone now can get use out of the clothing I swore I HAD to have at the time, and then wore once.
Either way, the closet needs to be revamped. Every day while dressing for work I frown at my options. Come on, now!

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