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enjoy OU A174

10 cheers


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final feedback is there, and it isn’t nearly as bad as i’d been fearing considering the muddled state of my mind at the time of writing (muddled as in blackberries in a black poodle). am now enjoying thinking about where to go next. yay.

sidebar quote:
“What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?”
- Robert Schuller

oh excellent

for this week’s tutorial we have to post books we’ve read recently that we’d recommend to others. brilliant. also i got my marks for my TMA and they were very cheering indeed. am about to quit the day job. wishful thinking.


i’ve submitted the first assignment to the system, with a whole 44 minutes to spare. none of my little stories had an ending, they all turned out ravingly over-ambitious but not knowing where to go. i hope i wasn’t supposed to write my name anywhere, because i didn’t.

on to block 3, then!


a travelling magician who’s just got back from the middle east has now joined our group.
most people seem to be quite behind. someone is stamping his feet about our lack of feedback on his story. rosie has sent a message trying to jolly us along into block 2, i sense that she despairs of us.
i still have a narrative tutorial to do, plus that 500-word thing that turned into the bastard son of Dean Friedman.
though this morning’s graphic equalizer reveries did get me thinking that it might actually be a good idea to do what they tell you to do and get up early to write.
the tutorial involves “describing, in no more than 50 words, a person who has recently caught your attention, perhaps in the street or on public transport” and then recounting an event they saw as a bystander from their pov. the event being a bbc news story i won’t read until i’ve chosen my character. i think i need to go for a walk and look for characters.


i just introduced myself to the group! that was scary.

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