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scoop up the tigers and bop them on the head

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the universe is really sending me what i need at the moment. having “coincidentally” walked past the psychologist’s office last week, today i bumped into a young woman i had met briefly in hospital back in june, when both of us were sitting outside the consultant’s office—me shitting myself because i was about to get some test results, she probably also because she was asking my doc for a second opinion. turns out she switched hospitals to come to my doc. and is also just through with her treatment and going to rehab in mid-november (not to the same place as me, unfortunately). and she’s just moved to my part of town. so we swapped numbers and are going to meet up for coffee. i’m really happy, because most of the ladies i’ve met so far, though lovely, have been rather older than me. and A seems like a really nice person. amazing that our paths crossed again.

By total coincidence

I found out that the psychologist who works in the frauenklinik also has a practice of her own. I liked her. Am thinking about getting in touch to ask how things would work if i wanted to come and see her as a patient. Scary. But surely it was meant to be—i walked past her office and happened to see the plaque on the wall. I mean to bop those tigers before they bop me.

am obsessed by

Little Rabbit Foo Foo
i don’t think he’s supposed to be a role model, but … well he’s got a great bike.

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