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visit the land of Morten Harket and eat magical elvish flatbread this summer

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dagen derpĂĄ

the day after. as ever, mr munch says it all.

tickets booked!


and now it’s snowing. but in my heart it is july in the land of Morten Harket.


my pumpkin seed rolls turned out delicious! and not flat at all. alb can hardly believe his eyes (he just came back from the flea market bearing bread rolls, oh he of little faith). must not eat them all before going swimming.


i am baking magical elvish flatbread! well, i haven’t got to the baking part yet, i just whizzed up some mixture with the kneading extension on the electric whisk (side-effect: found the lemon squeezer thing that had been missing for ages) and am now waiting for it to rise. or not, i suppose, it being flatbread. how exciting!

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