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Return all our empties

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This is BANANAS.

HOW many empties can there be in the world?? People who saw our stash would seriously think we have alcohol problems! It’s just because it’s been so long, and also some guests have probably contributed over the 1.5 years…. our “moving-in beer” is probably at the heart of the pile…

Had a very rough week so didn’t really return any, but I did put out a HUGE recycling bag of cans and a ton of bottles in one of our bins this week for pick-up. It’s all going to the same place, and although I want to be frugal and concern myself with every dollar that goes in or out of our house, I just NEED TO GET THEM OUT. LIKE, NOW. lol

2 Baskets

are going back tonight after work! Had to take a couple days off because it just didn’t work into the schedule, but back to it. I just love seeing all the space when you walk into our kitchen and laundry room, where previously there were bottles and bottles and bottles….

Seriously can’t understand how this could be valuable money-wise.

I've gone almost every day

to the beer store to return these empties. The Bottle Mountain in our basement isn’t really going down yet but I know I must be making headway! Even if I stick with it at this pace, this goal is going to take a while…

Making progress...

Gotten into a bit of a routine, have taken back 3 small loads at this point – basket that we use holds about 24-36 bottles, depending on type.

Got BF loaded up this morning so he can do a return too.

I really don’t think anyone can appreciate just HOW MANY bottles we have. It’s shocking!

The wall of empties must fall if we are to have peace!

The bf and I are not heavy drinkers, but we do drink beer and especially wine on a regular basis. On an unrelated note, we are a bit lazy and have just been sticking empties in the basement laundry room.

We haven’t returned any since we moved into our place in June… of last year. (The shame is crushing, believe me.) ;)

I even have a big bag of beer bottles in my trunk, waiting to be recycled. Sigh. The reasons why I put it off are: 1) there’s never a time when you really, really want to go do this; 2) the people at the beer place are mean! haha

I pass by the beer store on my way home from work, do I dare make this a normal part of coming home after my 9.5 hour day?

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