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dye my hair pink


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Rainbow S. Sparks has written 3 entries about this goal

Glowing flamingo.

Turns out my pink hair colour also glows underneath UV light :). I tried it before with ‘Electric Banana’ and that one was really bright glowy. Today at school I felt the urge to investigate if ‘Pretty Flamingo’ did the same. Manic Panics website claimed it would, but it wasn’t written on the jar, as it was with ‘Electric Banana’.

Turns out it does glow, but not as bright as yellow did. Maybe it is because it washed out for a great bit already :(. It is a fast fading colour :(. On the other hand pink may be a more difficult ‘glow’ colour (most fluorescent things are yellow/green). Anyway it was fun again :). No photo this time :(.

Pink again!

I’m pink again :D. After a long struggle with myself I finally decided to go pink again (instead of turquoise). Although I ♥ the colour I have to get used to it again. It was a tough dye, because you really had to put it very thick on every strand of hair. I missed a few spots so to speak, so some parts of my hair are orange or yellowish. I don’t really mind though, overall it is a nice pink. The pic doesn’t really do it justice, but I felt there was a nice dreamy air about it, so here it is!


I have had pink hair for a couple of months now and it is so worth it! I’m still looking for the best dye though, going for special effects cupcake pink next.


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