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Number 26

I see dead people.

Number 25

I donated stem cells to a cancer patient in Germany.

Number 24

I used to be the executive director of an animal rescue

Number 23

I am afraid of large bodies of water and deep water, even though I swim very well. I get nervous going over bridges.

Number 22

I have face blindness. I can recognize family, friends, and people I have seen a thousand times. But I can’t recognize people that I know on a casual basis. And if I can normally recognize you, and you change your hair or lose a lot of weight (or gain), then you would look like a totally different person to me. It affects my job, but I am usually fairly good at fooling people.

Number 21

I am clairesentient.

Number 20

I’ve been married for 17 years.

Number 19

Some people say I drive slowly; I just call it cautious.

Number 18

I am addicted to chocolate.

Number 17

I would rather live in Canada.

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