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compile a list of 100 facts about myself

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Number 15

When I was in school, I was the pitcher on my softball team.

Number 15

I haven’t had the flu in 18 years, and I’ve never had the flu shot. knocks on wood

Number 14

I am not a good cook. I cook the best out of a box.

Number 13

I hate to be photographed or videotaped.

Number 12

When I was in school, I cut up cadavers (dead people)

Number 11

I have 2 college degrees and I’m working on my 3rd.

Number 10

I am addicted to neopets.

Number 9

I had braces 4 times.

Number 8

I would rather be on a mountain than on a beach.

Number 7

I was born with spina bifida.

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