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Play the entire Resident Evil series

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At the moment

I’m working my way through Umbrella Chronicles again so I can unlock all the sub-levels. My favourite Resi game is RE2. The lickers are such perfectly twisted & scary monsters, the bit where you meet it in the corridor is so cool. And when the zombie arms grabbed me through the window for the first time I full on screamed out loud because I was so involved with the game and it was scary! I’ve still got a few more games left to play. I haven’t got a PS2 so that’ll have to wait. I’ve got Deadly Silence on DS but haven’t got into it yet so I’ll give it another go sooner or later. Resi 5…WOW! Can’t wait for it to be released, although it’s probably going to be delayed for ever. Fine by me, as long as they keep making it better it’s worth the wait. Will have to hunt down Gaiden & a GBC for the sake of completeness but I’ve heard the game isn’t all that great.

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