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Well, despite any good intentions I think I’m going to have to accept my shape the way it is. I am a bit more toned, particularly on my legs but I don’t think I will ever have muscular arms so I’m stuck with my little twig arms. I’ve decided that a more worthwhile goal will be to focus on my fitness rather than shape, and I’m starting up a new goal to exercise regularly.


I tried a different work out last night and it was a lot more challenging than what I normally do – I couldn’t keep up in some parts cause the movements were so fast and varied. BUT I had so much more fun and it really energised me. I think I’ve been taking it too easy, and working harder made me feel like what I was doing was more worthwhile. So, out with the old plan. Instead of doing a 1 hour slow & gentle (boring!) workout, I’m going to carry on with the 30 minutes intense one and see how it goes.


I’ve had a bug for the past few weeks and I’m only just managing to shake it off. Haven’t had a proper workout for ages now, but I have been walking a lot so at least I’ve still been active. Might try and exercise outside now the weather is getting nicer.


I gave up on this goal at some point last year. Now my life is a bit more settled I think it’s about time I got those exercise videos out of the box and start paying more attention to eating healthily.
I am very slim for my height but I eat junky sugary foods all the time which I need to cut down on. My dad and my grandma were both diagnosed with diabetes, and after reading up on a few things I’ve found that you can pretty much prevent that type of diabetes by managing your diet in the right way.
I want to bulk up a bit so I’m going to tackle that by eating more proteins and carbs, and try and make my portions larger or eat a starter/side/dessert with my main meal.

I already walk for at least 30 minutes a day, I also want to start having a planned exercise session at least once a week, and then build up to 3 times a week.

Temporarily postponing this

until I move out, then I can turn one of the spare rooms into a weights room and really get on with things.

I now have

an account with http://www.traineo.com
It’s a free website which helps you with fitness/weight loss.
Once I’ve figured out all the features I’ll set up my own training plan so I can monitor exactly what I do.

Oh my God

I had to run to catch my train this morning, and by the time I reached it I could hardly breathe! I am so unfit!! I have been putting this off so much, I need to create an exercise plan so I can get into a routine and stick to it.

Day four with the pedometer

Back down again, 6540 steps yesterday. Was sat down all day at work and then sat down at my sewing machine when I got home. I guess it’s not bad considering that I didn’t make an effort.

Day three with the pedometer

9352 steps yesterday, that’s more like it! Nearly at the 10k mark.

Day two with the pedometer

5655 steps yesterday. I am hoping that the amount I walk at the weekend will make up for my slacking!
Going to take a walk into town during my luchbreak today so that should boost my total a bit.

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