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Remeber and write down all the things my mother taught/told me

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“God isn’t finished with you.” from mom regarding difficult times and insecurities….


“What is done, cannot be undone.” From Mom. She told me it was something her mother used to say. It helps when dealing with the past and shedding regret for some unfortunate choices.


My mom and dad always had a huge garden. As a kid, I hated weeding. Now, I love gardening… although I still don’t like to weed, I am so grateful that my mom (and dad) through their example, taught me to love the earth and how to nurture mother nature.

My mother always told me….

“A weed is just a misplaced flower.” She learned this from her mother.

Things my mother told me. Entry 1.

“Patience, little violet.”

“God doesn’t make junk.”

“Men are like streetcars, there’s always another one coming around the bend.” (She learned this from her mother.)

on snow: “God is shaking out his pillowcase.”

“You will attract more flies with honey than vinegar”

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