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A New Kind of Journal

I used to love writing in my journal and did it almost every day. Now, I rarely do. I think it is because I am either too busy, don’t have anything to write about, or have too much to write about. Today I came across a blog post ( http://litemind.com/topics-du-jour/ ) that has a cool idea for journaling. Basically, it is to make a list of different areas of your life that you’d like to think about and then cycle through the list, writing an entry every day about the topic that is next up.

I like this idea because it will give me a specific area to focus on each day. If I don’t have to try to think of a topic, or try to narrow down something that seems overwhelming, I might have a better chance of writing every day. Also, with a pre-defined topic, I could write just a little bit for a short time on the days I’m feeling too busy.

They also mentioned how it is helpful to be able to go back and read all of the entries related to a specific topic to see how you’ve progressed, or to read all of the entries for all of the topics within a certain time frame to see how different areas of your life are affected by each other.

It is an idea that I think is really interesting and I think I’m going to give it a try.


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