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find my father


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WOW… have had no progress yet.. have been absloute swamped with work. so i have decided that i am going to take some time off work so i can look into what i need to find for a lil bit.
So i have taken the first step and investited into a P.I.
to see what else i could find out. i mean i know it a long shot because there are so many families in NZ with the last name Watson. that this could be a very long and haunted process. i know that its going to bring up some bad memories for my family but i think that i deserve to know who made me. and brought me into this world. 18years is long enough for myself to hold.


Hey everyone the names Brooke.
my goal for 2011 is celebrate my 18th good and find my father.
for many years I have been living a life that everyone around me knows who their father is and I have been the odd one out.
So i need help. Anyone who knows either a Daniel Watson, Tui Watson or Paul Watson can you please help me contact them ???
as i have found out that’s their last name. If they know a Jeanette Barclay. PLEASE let me know. I just want too know who I Am.
I live in NZ and want too know who i really am


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