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Feb 17th 2014 Happies:

- Catching up on sleep- really don’t have any control about it either, it seems I can fall asleep mid sentence (either listening or talking)
Grateful that the fires are under control and that the weather is cool and rainy. And that I can sleep without worrying about being burnt to a crisp.

-Grateful for m……..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


- Knitting madly to distract myself- there’re fires everywhere. Not too close but all I see is Smoke, smoke smoke. Apparently I’m safe- I’ve done the “grab and go” All packed, just in case.
Here’s a foto of my last major project.

- Have decided to quit my job, which almost makes me happy.

- Oh! another flying visit to cuddle grandkids. I love being a nana.

- Junk food and watching Winter Olympics with Daughter2.

Recent happinessessss

- Knitting a DRESS oh yeah. Go me. Top down raglan with stranding. Happy that I can actually KNIT A DRESS. Awfully pleased I’ve time to do it too.

-Telephone chats with kids.

-Musica festival soon: 3 days of sipping wine and listening to awesome live bands/musicians, and camping on the beach.

-Fresh eggs and salads from the garden.

I’m happy.

Happiness is

for the moment, liquorice schnapps.

Listening and singingalong to golden oldies: anything by Aretha, Annie Lennox, Freddy, Elton john……

Plotting my New Year. Not planning- these things need charts n pointy tools. oooh aahh.

trying very hard not to throw away everything, extravagantly and giving the finger to goals.

Fri 8.11.13
  • Grandbabies
  • ocean swimming (almost daily woohoo)
  • grateful for having time to ponder
  • not working again, (blissful sigh)

5th Feb 2013 Happies
  • Loved, loved, loved the teaching/children/engagement today- everyone happy!
  • Morejam-making with wild blackberries, feral apples and just a dash of Ned Kelly tawny port. We’ve now got 22 large jars. Off tomorrow for more pickins too!
  • Saw the Life of Pi. Great movie.
  • Support from new colleagues AND feeling not so much like a newbie.
  • Perfect weather.

Feb 3rd 2013 Happinesses
  • More sock love- onto my second pair.
    • Went blackberry picking with the girls today. We ended up with
    1 1/2 kg of berries and lots of scratches! And 8 jars of jam.
    • Meeting old friends at the local Farmers Market and networking blatantly. I’ve got contacts from a local beekeeper (their Banksia Honey is heaven!) and will visit another friend to exchange organic eggs- I do still need more fertile ones, AND I ended up with 30 fertile eggs from the “Chicken Man” who deals in pure breeds. Yay! my broody hens are nesting happily.
    • Visited the local garden supply shop and finally got the seedling starter for our lavender cuttings. I need to plant about 50 into tubes ready for spring repotting.
    • Delightful visit from Tochter2 and her friend from Germany.

Feb Fabs
  • Wool sale. I think I’ve bought too much.
  • Helpful and friendly new colleagues.
  • Watermelon, crisp, sweet and juicy.
  • Rain.

  • I’m grateful to be working regularly again. I do enjoy the casual work as it gives me a whole lot of freedom, however teaching regularly and having a role in a school is more gratifying.
  • Ritter Sport Peppemint Chocolate- I found a packet hiding amongst my teaching resources. I pounced, and ate the lot. Gratefully.
  • This new diet of no grains has calmed my digestive system. I’m amazed how quickly my body has responded to it. I do have a little bit of vegie carbs- potatoes and yams and corns, and rice seems to be ok too. But I mainly eat proteinss and vegies from the garden with 1 piece of fresh fruit daily. I’m grateful that I’ve broken the habit of craving for foods which destroy my balance. (Chocolate, it seems, is still a good and sympathetic friend)
  • Grateful for the cooler weather change.
  • Oh soooooo grateful that I still fit into those classy clothes that I bought 7 years ago.

Jan 25th 2013
  • Happy that I’ll be teaching again albeit short-term. I’ve been given the ok to teach knitting, (using German of course) which meant a trip to the hardware store. Dowling, sandpaper, stanley knife, but no beads. The storeman suggested metal nuts- how cool! So I’ve got the makings for 100 pairs of of rather manly knitting needles.
  • Tiger Coffee from our local coffee manufacturer. It’s medium roast with chocolate overtones. Yum.
  • I love my daughters. They both made a slumber date with me – without realising the other would be there :D Chicklflix, chocs, girl chat til 3 am.
  • Greek yohgurt
  • Afternoon tea with good friends.

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