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Learn to speak Spanish

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Doing better

I wonder when I can mark this done. Is it when I can have a full conversation with a fluent spanish speaker?


Yo hablando espanol con mi hermana todos los dias.

Translation: I am speaking spanish with my sister everyday. :]

Even though it is a little.

Im already tri-lingual

I speak English, Swahili, and Nandi. I want to learn even more languages. Right now Im taking spanish in schoool. I think its going really well. Ive taken Spanish I and II. So over the summer I will be practicing with one of my older sisters who is fluent in spanish [she traveled abroad for 1 year to learn….something I plan on doing but maybe for another language?]. My other older sister is fluent in french for the same reason. SO hopefully I can learn a good deal of Spanish and a little french before I leave for college next year. I think I can do this!

Quiero aprender espanol mucho! :D

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