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Stop being jealous of and making comparisons of myself to other people


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Jealousy is ugly--here are my ways to get over it.

1) Set your own goals. What do you want at the moment, right now? A clean house, peace, understanding, ect. What would make YOU happy? Is this goal beneficial to you, will it not harm others? If so, this is a good goal.

2) If you see people who are better off that you are (they are happier, they have more friends, more money, are more attractive physically, are smarter, better/more educated ect.) and this makes you jealous/upset/irritated, this could be because you want what they have! Set up a goal to obtain that or incorporate it a little. Make sure you can fully complete this goal and OWN it or simplify it. Example: You don’t have to have all the newest clothes, just make a list of what you have right now and what few pieces would help bring your wardrobe up to date. You could also go for a self tan, or get a hair cut and highlights or a manicure ect. This wouldn’t be that expensive—it could be as simple as doing your own nails, taking better care of your hair and skin and buying a new blouse for work.

3) Just remember, everyone has to earn these things in order for them to fully own them. If everything was handed over to you in life, you won’t have any incentive to go and do better.

4) Some people are more privileged in life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be happy for who you are and what you have and what your role is in life and most importantly, what you choose to “give away” do for others. Better gifts given = Greater personal happiness. Life isn’t about stuff.

5) Don’t forget to take care of your needs first—write them down as they come to you (example: financial peace (spend and invest wisely).

6) If you want to be better, you have to do better. If you want/need more money, calculate the benefits and risks (write those down), carefully analyze, and then write down step-by-step your plan to achieve this.

7) Do something now. If you don’t do anything, you will look up later at others and see what they have and will be upset (internally or externally). That isn’t pretty at all! That is gross behavior and it’s completely wrong in my books!

8) If you are “afraid” to do better because someone will hate you for being better, look over this list, remember that you were once like that. Help them change, or remove them from your life and focus on better causes.


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