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abbeyabu is doing 6 things including…

identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money)

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52. the lake The lake makes me happy because I see people I know, I get to bond with whomever I’m there with, and see little squirrels and lizards and pretty wildflowers.
53. long-term exercise Working out at least an hour for 5 days a week does yield results, and I know that if I continue biking like I did today, I’m going to have a great butt and toned legs like Julian.
54. crud conversations People who are bad conversationalists make me happy because I then appreciate all the good conversationalists I have in my live. Thankfully the good ones outnumber the bad ones.
55. water Tastes so good. You might think I’m crazy but sometimes after not drinking water for a while, I drink it and it seems slightly sweet. Maybe it’s just refreshing. Nevertheless, it’s great stuff and I could chug it anytime.
56. showers I love getting clean. it’s great. I tried to shower with cold water, but that’s kind of uncomfortable. When I have to, sure I’m a little miserable, but it just reminds me of all the people who don’t have hot, clean water available to them and I try my best to keep my showers short.
57. q-tips great things. Imagine what life would be like with out these simple luxuries? Dirty ears. messy make-up. unclean belly-buttons?! Sheer madness I tell you!
58. socks I can’t fall asleep easily with cold feet and socks cure me of cold feet when I sleep. This makes me happy. Tube socks are great too. The kind with the two stripes on it? I like those ones. Only thing is that they give you sock tans.
59. Russian accents I heard one today. An old man had one. It. Was. Totally. Boss. So cool I can’t even describe.
60. Wildflowers Totally beautiful and random gifts from God. I saw orange, red, yellow, purple, blue, etc. ones. So pretty I swear. Amazing since a lot of other plants looked kind of dead.


31. painting other people’s nails I painted my cousins nails. I think they came out very good. They have stripes on them. Plus it gives us time to bond and that’s always good.
32. scratching my cousin’s head Doing this action makes her sleepy. Same goes for her dad, my uncle. She looks so peaceful and that makes me happy.
33. talking to creeper Eric Now, now, don’t be alarmed. He’s not actually a creeper but so called “friends” nicknamed him that. He’s really quite interesting and he makes me laugh. We’re just friends, but he makes me laugh so that’s why he’s on this list.
34. Josh He’s my guy best friend. I introduced him to his girlfriend and I’m glad things actually worked out. He’s pretty funny and has a great sense of humor. I can count on him to cheer me up a lot of the time.
35. Nancy She’s my bestie. Today I was really down and out and I called her and she cheered me up. Sometimes she frustrates me, but most of the time everything is peachy-keen. I love her in a no-homo kind of way.
36. Eliza She’s my cousin and pretty much my favorite relative. Our birthday’s are less than a year apart and we always laugh about the oddest things. She’s a great cousin.
37. Simone It’s an honor for her to think I’m the weirdest person she knows. I say this because I think she’s the weirdest person I know. She makes me realize that in most situations where a person would freak out (i.e. today when a dime sized spider was trying to crawl up my shorts), I stay calm and ask why I’m not freaking out. She’s great and she makes me happy by talking about things most people would say “awkward” at.
38. Amanda I don’t know how she does it, but every time I see her, she makes me laugh. It’s not that difficult of a task, but it’s amazing how consistently she induces laughter. She is Platypus, and I am Abu and I’m glad we’re the first two, and only two, members of The Buttermilk Biscuit Society.
39. Lei It was pretty random how we first began really talking as friends, but I’m glad it happened. She has great style and is an excellent confidant. I know I can rely on her to not judge me when I relay my experiences to her.
40. Dillon I never talked to him much when I knew him, but he was an excellent piece of eye-candy. I thank Sweet Baby Jesus for putting him and I in the same place and time at least for a few months. Remembering his smile is one of the best priceless things ever.
41. Julian He was the greatest bestfriend/boyfriend combo I’ve had in my short lifetime. An ace kisser, but first and foremost a best friend. I could tell him anything and be comfortable as myself around him. Even though we’ve gone our separate ways, I’m really glad Sweet Baby Jesus put him in my life. He makes me happy whether as just friends or more.


21. spaghetti Definitely one of my favorite foods. I always tell people I’m able to eat this stuff all day everyday for a month. Usually we only have about a weeks worth when it’s made. I think grain, cheese and tomato is the best food combination in the world.
22. macaroni and cheese Another one of my favorite foods.. same thing applies.
23. baked ziti similar to the above.
24. pizza same as above. All day everyday still applies.
25. tamarind soup this is a filipino soup also called sinigang. Usually I enjoy it best with spinach, white radish, tomato, tofu, shrimp, string beans, onion, and okra. It’s sour and very delicious. All day everyday.
26. fuji apples The small ones that are a perfect sweet snack. I don’t believe in the ‘apple a day’ thing, but fruits are important for a well balanced diet. By the way, diet doesn’t mean like, trying to loose weight. People misuse the word all the time.
27. cheese I love cheese. Whether it be parmesan, cheddar, american, swiss, babybel, brie: I enjoy it very much. I couldn’t eat it all day everyday, but I could eat it often.
28. andes mints These little chocolaty, minty candies are quite delectable. My cousin and I absolutely love them and they don’t leave a weird chocolaty taste in your mouth, just a nice refreshing taste.
29. photos They capture great memories and look awesome. definitely worth many words. [:
30. cheesecake Not actually made out of cheese, but delicious nonetheless. It’s such an excellent dessert. I just hope that if someone makes such a cake, that they don’t expect me not to eat it.


11. Schlotzsky’s I’ve seen a store or two in my city before but when I lived in VB there was one and after school one day I decided to go there and try it out. I tried their Fresh Veggie Oven-Toasted sandwich without red onions and I fell in love. It’s absolutely the best tasting vegetarian sandwich I’ve ever had in my life. I can say I will die happily if that sandwich was to be the last sandwich I’ll ever eat.
12. painting my nails I save money, show off my skillz, and procrastinate homework and other useless things like cleaning my room. What can be better? hahaha.
13. biking I enjoy just cruising along by the beach or wherever I’m at. Works them buns and thighs and I look cute on my sea foam green cruiser. Too bad I outgrew it. I have a different one, but it doesn’t really matter if it’s a cruiser or not because my friend pointed out that it’s pointless to use a cruiser when you’re not at the beach. It makes hills difficult and for some reason, practically everyone has a cruiser now. I don’t mind not driving because I’m saving the environment! [:
14. running Although this will ruin my knee joints and hip flexers over time, I enjoy this because I feel like I’m ridding my body of toxins and getting exercise. Also, if i push myself really hard, I get the reward of the runner’s high, which is one of the best natural highs in the world, in my opinion. [Sure weed is ‘natural’ but not in my world.]
15. stretching It’s possible to over-stretch, but stretching makes me happy because I like being flexible. My fingers are double jointed, so I just think that i should try to be as flexible as possible. This also reduces the amount of pulled strings and such. I pulled something twice, and that is not fun.
16. cheerleading I don’t cheer at the moment, but when I did cheer, I loved it. Of course the conditioning was beastly, but I felt like it was for my own good, and would have helped me become a better cheerleader. I hope to keep cheer in my life somehow by either joining some sort of out of school organization, or mentoring, coaching, or being part of UCA or the like. I know I need much more experience, but I’ll try.
17. puppies As much as I hate to admit it, I think puppies are adorable. I was reminded of this when my friend Leilani adopted a two month old puppy. Being able to hold such a small and fragile life in your hands is so, indescribable. It’s just amazing to feel the living fuzzball breathing in your hands. Completely amazing.
18. cool moist sand on my legs I went to the beach recently and I discovered how soothing it is to dig a shallow hole and cover my legs with sand. I then proceeded to cover my lower half and make fin and scale patterns in the sand so I could look like a mermaid. It was silly but enjoyable. Hah, I’m so easily amused.
19. thinking about the time I went to the shore with my uncle cousin and guardian That day was a happy day the the silhouette of the trees against the orange sky was so beautiful. It looked like the world was on fire.
20. remembering oceanfront on that cold drizzly day It is a great memory.


I’m going try try to list at least ten things a day for the next ten days. Or more in one day if I can.
1. Clear blue skies I’m from Southern California and occasionally we get nice warm, but not too hot, days where there isn’t a cloud in the sky. I really appreciate how beautiful it is and the warm sun on my face [covered in SPF] is such a joy. It makes me smile and fills me with so much happiness.
2. Smiles There’s scientific research out there that says smiling releases endorphins that make you happy. I believe this and I enjoy smiling. I try to brighten people’s days by smiling at strangers.
3. Compliments Spreadin’ the luurve. I try to compliment at least one person a day. Who doesn’t like compliments? I know i like receiving them. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t give solely to receive, I just think that if we all say something nice about someone, then the world will be a better place.
4. Reading the dictionary I used to do this when I was younger. I happened to keep a dictionary by my bed and one night I decided to pick it up and clarify the definition of a word. Before I knew it, I had spent an hour looking at different words and their definitions.
5. British accents There’s just something about the UK and their inhabitants that I love. Their accents, are like a different language that I can understand. I am just truly fascinated with it and my cousin and I spent two weeks straight talking in British accents to the point that when I called a friend, they didn’t know who I was. British accents are just so pleasing to my ears.
6. Dancing Dancing makes me happy when I hear an excellent song that I just cannot keep still to. This has happened with at least 6 songs in my young life. They’re songs, that upon the first time hearing, that just fill the balloon of my body with the helium of exquisite song. Upon listening to these songs, I just can’t help but move freely.
7. Walking This is truly a privilege to be able to walk. Sure some of us are ‘lazy’ but it’s a gift to move forward on legs. Keep in mind amputees and wheel-chair bound people. Walking is an easy, usually sweat-less way to keep in shape. There’s a pedometer on my phone and I enjoy seeing how far I’ve walked in a day.
8. Baking I never had an easy-bake oven and my elders always told me not to touch the stove so I was never able to bake as a child. As I grew older I played with fire as a rebellion but one time when i set a burning candle on top of a paper towel, on the stove and forgot about it, I almost burnt down the house, exactly what they were trying to prevent me from doing. I switched to baking and that has proved to be less dangerous and more delicious.
9. journal writing I find that writing in a journal is quite therapeutic. I believe I have excellent memory, but I once read somewhere that we need to let go of old things to make room for new things. I guess writing ‘old things’ down is sort of like letting go, but not completely. I find it especially helpful when I have no close friends available to talk to on the phone or to hang out with.
10. solitude There’s a difference between being alone, and being lonely. Sometimes I enjoy being alone because our world is very crowded. Classrooms, highways, lines, etc. I can reflect on events, or plan on future ones. When I used to live in VB I used to go down to oceanfront on my bike alone, a bit dangerous seeing as I am a female, but nevertheless, it was enjoyable looking out at the sea cruising along with no worries.

Can’t wait to write some more tomorrow. That wasn’t too hard. [:

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