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receive 50 postcards from postcrossing

6 cheers


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30 now...

I am really enjoying this. I have traded a few private swaps too. This is a lot of fun and interesting to get all the different types of postcards.

Funny thing though, I seem to get more than I send! Not sure what the deal is with that. Anyway…tons of fun!

20 now

Fun Fun Fun only 30 more to go!


So far I have mailed 16 and received 2… The one thing that shocks me is that some people go into great detail about what to send or not to send, sorta has put me off a bit, the last 2 in a row where very specific. It seems that a lot of people don’t want “touristy” postcards, isn’t that the essence of a postcard? Sending a picture of the place you are at? I am grudgingly hunting for some other type of cards to send people.

So far

I have sent 6 and received 0. I am looking forward to getting the notification that all 6 have been received and I am hoping I get a postcard soon!

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