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make people understand that declawing a cat is a painful unnecessary surgery and there are better ways to deal with cat's scratching

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Please sign my petition, it will help change the laws in Canada to make this illegal!!!

I have had this petition up for 2 weeks now and have only managed to get 27 people to sign it, will you please take a moment to add your name to the list? The petition will not publish your email address, it is just meant to help me keep the petitioners informed, you could even use a phoney one if you do not want to disclose your email address.

Thank you for your help!


Please sign my petition

After having this on my list for a while now, I felt that I needed to do one more thing. That is organize a petition to present to the Canadian government as well as the CVMA. I wish to have a hand in changing Canadian law and protect our feline friends, but I need your help!

Please take a moment to click on the link and sign my petition. Thank you!


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