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CSS Adventure Continues

I’m going to create a series of small, attainable goals related to this one. Learning a computer language is a process, so I’ll just have to eventually decide one day that I have “learned CSS” and mark this goal as complete. In the meantime, I’m adding small steps towards attaining this goal as goals :-)

CSS Adventure Begins

I checked out two books from the library about CSS and have started to work my way through one of them today. It’s a really cool language. I like how it gives you more control over how your web page looks! I mean no wonder my web pages look so old-fashioned. CSS is the way to go if you want to have a nice presentation on the web. I’m happ I am learning this!


I learned HTML back in the days of the dinosaurs (grey background, black text, blue links, tiny images with borders) and so my web pages suck. CSS is what all the cool kids are doing so I need to get with the times. The very idea of change in this area irks me (why?) but I feel like once I learn enough to produce something nice, I’ll end up liking it!

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