Alicia Turner in San Clemente is doing 40 things including…

record and release an album with my band


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Alicia Turner has written 5 entries about this goal

Keep on truckin!

Ok…so, A Good Front is on a (probably) permanent hiatus at this point, so having ‘Subterranean Cabaret’ duplicated is probably unrealistic. We are beginning to see some returns from iTunes sales, though. Still rather minute, but it’s cool so see some productivity however small it may be.

I’m playing in a new band down in San Diego now that I’ve moved back to CA. They have a complete album recorded and ready for duplication…but I didn’t play on it, unfortunately. So…my goal is still in progress. Even when this record comes out and we start selling it I’m not going to cross off this goal yet.

I’m holding myself to the standard of completely collaborating, recording, and then duplicating and releasing a hard, tangible copy of an album before I will be able to say I have accomplished this goal.

And, no, I don’t find that discouraging. All of this experience I’ve had has been amazing, and I’m glad that this goal is something that I really have to work for!


Well, we got the master of the cd back. We don’t have the funds to have it pressed in hard copies yet, but we’ve released it on iTunes and Myspace music store.

One more step and I’ll be able to cross this off the list!

Recording dates SET!!!

We are recording our first full length album in June at Machine Gun Studios in Jamaica Plain. June 11-12, 14-16, and 18-19 I will be in the studio with A Good Front, laying down tracks for our debut album “Subterranean Cabaret”.

Track List:
Every Whim and Wish
What’s So Funny (‘Bout Blood Death and Insurrection)
Your Lullaby
Subterranean Cabaret
Bravos All Around

This will probably be the coolest thing I’ve done in my life. I can’t describe how excited I am.

Once the recording is finished we will pre-release the album on Purevolume, iTunes, Myspace, and other electronic sites until we have the resources to press. We’re hoping to have it pressed by the end of the summer, and then take it on tour in the Fall.

I kind of feel like the life I have been waiting to start is upon me right now.

Another recording...

The band recorded 3 more tracks at Berklee College of Music last night (2/23/07). We’re going to add them to the cd we’ve been handing out at shows.

This doesn’t count as an album yet, but we’re getting closer to having the resources to be able to do so.

I’m not going to cross this goal off my 43 things until we have an album that’s recorded in a professional studio, mixed, produced, and legitimately packaged. But we’re getting there!

Demo/EP recorded!

Ok, so my band, A Good Front recorded a 4 track demo/EP last night and are in the process of distributing it around Boston. We got a message from one of my friends who works at an independent record label in CA, and is interested in talking with us about joining up. I’m really excited. This is one step closer to the goal.

I haven’t felt this productive in years.

If you would like to hear the tracks, you can find them on our Myspace page:


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