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Absnasm in Gateshead is doing 2 things including…

Paint our bedroom (and have a lot of sex in it)

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Should I check this off?

I haven’t done any of the woodwork, and the motivation to do it has disappeared. Despite having bought the paint, I think it would probably make a bigger impact on the room to get some pics on the walls than to paint the woodwork. I might call it quits for now to get it off the list.

Pics, finally.

What do you think?

We’ve got new black blinds, and my old bed back from my brother (which is waaaay too small after our last superking. I’m not at all keen on the nasty orange pine of the bed and the bedside tables, but I’ll tackle that at a later date. Also still to change – the door and skirting etc need painting, and the nasty little set of mini-drawers perched on top of the big set of drawers is going to get painted and used to store all my makeup and accessories. Plus we definitely need to get something on the walls, which now look vast, bare and blank after years of patchwork.

But on the whole, it’s a vast improvement.

Walls are finished...

..and it looks bloody great, if I do say so myself. I bought the paint to do some of the woodwork, and did some woodfilling on the nastiest bits of poor carpentry, but got called away to do more important things at the weekend so painting those parts got put on hold. But it unfortunately looks like I’ll have more time on my hands soon so it will more likely get done more quickly than if I had been gainfully employed. We put the furniture back, anyway, and it looks and feels a million times better than it did – much more calming and restful. There’s no way I will allow that amount of clutter in a bedroom ever again. Our bed has quite literally collapsed (and no, it’s not what you think) so next weekend we are getting my much smaller old bed back from my brother, who has had it on permanent loan but is moving to a furnished flat. Result.

The painting continues...

..I’d love to say “apace”, but it would be an out-and-out lie. Is “aslow” a word? It is now? Now I know why I put this off for so long – god, I hate painting! It’s taking ages! I started on Feb 12 and have chipped away at it every day for what feels like hours. It’s now Feb 17.

The main wall is done and looks great – it’s a deep aubergine purple called, of all things, twilight cinders. We decided to do the chimney breast that colour too. Well, I say we, HA doesn’t really care, so I decided and got him to OK it to shut me up. The rest of the walls will be cornflower white, which claims to be a pale blue but looks more like a pale grey-blue-white. Very soothing.

When I was a little girl I wanted a job naming paint.

Anyway, it’s taking ages, partly because it’s a massive room covered in awful textured wallpaper that has a large surface area and is hard to paint, and partly because the PaintPod I bought to do it turned out to be faulty and I lost a day trying to make it work before I took it back and exchanged it – now it’s working it definitely makes painting less of an arse. Also because I’m a bit of a lazy git and keep not starting till mid-afternoon, and spent Monday working on Life Club stuff instead of painting.

So I’ve done one coat of the pale stuff, which will need at least another coat, and the main feature wall is covered – the chimney breast is still to do. I’m getting mightily bored of painting but I’m looking forward to having the room in some kind of order. All the time spent painting has given me hours to think about what I can do/get rid of to make it more of a haven and less of a hovel.

Back, back on the list.

Only this time it’s not just my bedroom, so hopefully I’ll get some help (please).

On Monday I taught my Life Club a procrastination-busting exercise. I did the exercise myself, using this goal as an example, and blow me if now I don’t have to walk the walk and Get It Done. So the next day I booked some days off work, and today the project starts.

In the interests of walking my walk further, I’m going to start by mind-mapping the task, so I know exactly what I need, what I have, and what I should do.

Really looking forward to having the bedroom that we deserve – it currently looks like a cross between a storeroom, a bin, a laundry basket and a paint testing lab.

Not technically giving up.

I’m just consolidating it into another goal which is due for re-examination. It will be done. Oh yes.

Just give me (more) time.

Oh, for the gift of visualisation. And some money.

The rest of the paint samples went up. I’ve lived with them for a week and I don’t really like any of them. Harrumph. They’re all too dark, although they looked OK on the tester cards. I think half the problem is that they’re being made to look worse than they actually are by the minging vinyl textured wallpaper chosen by the cheap bastards who did up the flat and sold it on to me, no doubt for an enormous profit. It’s so huge and fat I swear the rooms would not just seem bigger, but would actually be bigger without it. I’d love to rip it down, but everyone knows textured wallpaper is there for a reason. Considering my kitchen ceiling fell in shortly after I bought the place, god knows what dark secrets the stuff is hiding, and I daren’t uncover it cos I just can’t afford to get it replastered. Maybe I’ll take down the bits in the alcoves, as a kind of test area. If it’s not too bad I’ll consider ripping the stuff off the whole flat, or at least the areas we spend time in. I never thought I’d say it, but even the dreaded woodchip would be better than this shit. You can squish it in with your fingers. It’s like having a padded cell.

Made a start

I bought some paint samples at the weekend and tried out two on my wall last night. Quite like one of them, but I’ve still got three to try out. On the list for this weekend, along with the curtains!

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