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activelazypup in Stockton is doing 30 things including…

compile a 100-things-about-me list again

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78. I love live music.
79. I don’t know how to flirt.
80. I love to read.
81. Roast beef sandwiches are my favorite.
82. I think marijuana should be legalized and all other illicit drugs should carry stiffer fines and sentences for sale and distribution. No one has ever died of an overdose of marijuana!
83. I believe in God.
82. I am 47 yrs old and I’ve only dyed my hair once. I went to a family dinner later that same day and no one had noticed I had done so. I figured since they were all clueless, it was pretty useless to even bother doing it again till I just can’t stand looking at the grays. They are still few and far between.
84. People say I am very friendly, but I think sometimes I am very selfish.
85. My van doesn’t have windshield wipers that work. I need to take it to the shop and get those fixed. One would think that the time I got stranded in the rain would have taught me a lesson. But it hasn’t thus far.


56. I love my dog.
57. I love the smell of freshly mown grass.
58. I procrastinate when I don’t want to do something.
59. I work well on a deadline. Though I generally push that deadline to the limit. Pressure is good sometimes!
60. I love asparagus.
62. I’ve never eaten artichokes but have always wanted to. I’d like to grow them in my garden but I don’t think I’m in the right growing zone for them.
63. Sometimes I am very lonely.
64. I hate to go shopping and if I didn’t have to go shopping for anything, I wouldn’t bother.
65. I love getting snail mail.
66. Peaches are my favorite fruit next to strawberries.
67. I am not allergic to anything but codiene.
68. I make art of out trash.
69. Sixty nine is a strange number but it makes me think happy thoughts nonetheless.
70. I like to play marbles with my sisters, Susan and Linda. We play killer marbles! Ruthlessness abounds!
71. I have my own art gallery filled with original art made by others.
72. I like to sing in the car at the top of my lungs with the windows down.
73. I really can’t sing worth a damn, but I really don’t care cause as my friend Doug told me many years ago: Anyone can sing! I took that literally and haven’t looked back since.
74. I have stage fright and would never get up in front of a group of people who are sober and sing for them. (Kareoke is a different story though cause there are few sober folks there where kareoke is sung! A little alcohol will make you brave!)
75. I graduated high school in 1979. Not at the top of my class. Not at the bottom either, but somewhere in the middle.
76. I know how to crochet.
77. I have a fetish for little trinket boxes and own a great many of them.

25 - 55

25. I am a total idiot at times.
26. I love live music.
27. I am very creative.
28. Sometimes I am very aloof and appear to not give a damn about anything at all. That’s just a farce though cause I do deeply care when it appears I don’t.
29. I like living alone.
30. I’ve never been to Idaho and I’d really like to go there before I die. I would love to see the potato fields.
31. I drink coffee with lots of cream. Black coffee is disgusting.
32. I love to read and will read just about anything I can get my hands on.
33. I know how to make origami stars.
34. I’m a pretty good speller.
35. I don’t always type accurately.
36. I want to go on a cruise to Alaska.
37. Pink is my least favorite color.
38. Green is my favorite color. Green the color of the wheatfields just before the heads begin to change to gold. That silverish green that looks alive as the wind blows over a field of wheat.
39. I like big manly machines and I greatly admire those men who take command of such machines.
40. I am a pack rat.
41. Housework ranks at the top my “I hate to do list”.
42. My favorite music is live music of the rock and roll variety.
43. Musicians fascinate me.
44. I am addicted to nicotine.
45. I like diamonds, but emeralds are this girl’s best friend.
46. I drive a 1997 Ford Winstar Minivan. It’s the next best thing to a pickup truck.
47. The neighbors’ dog comes to visit often and I don’t mind one little bit.
48. I like bubble baths taken in candlelight. (If there’s a partner to share, that’s even better!)
49. I like frogs.
50. My mother says I should have been a boy. I tend to agree with her except when I look at a man and feel like a woman. I just love man things is all.
51. I’ve wrecked five cars by running into deer on the highway. I seem to be a magnet to the things.
52. There are those who would say I am not a very good friend because of certain circumstances occurring right now. I would disagree with them. I am a very loyal friend.
53. I believe that one can never fill their heart with love. Love needs to keep moving, like running water. If it becomes stagnant, no one wants to be around it anymore.
54. I like to read aloud to my man at night before sleep invades.
55. I’m an adventurous eater.


21. I love the smell of freshly mown grass.
22. I do not understand men.
23. I like surprises.
24. I believe that if you want to find your niche in the world you have to carve it out for yourself. All the niches made are already taken. You can’t be like the bird that lays it’s eggs in another’s nest. You must build your own.

1 - 20

1. I still don’t listen to my mother all the time.
2. I do not like the smell of a skunked dog.
3. I love long roadtrips to destinations unknown.
4. I really like ham steak.
5. I am an unsocial creature at the moment. It is the middle of March already and I have yet to go visiting next door just because I can do that so easily. I don’t want to please others right now in my life. I want to please me.
6. It takes a lifetime to learn how to live.
7. I hate housework more than I hate any other thing in this life.
8. I need another body laying next to me to help me make it through the nights. I want a body there with me.
9. Fantasy is sometimes very real and reality is just all in your head.
10. I love old, rusty, broken things. I see art in the heaps.
11. I miss my friends when I don’t see them. I say that to them often when I do see them. I have missed you. I don’t think they quite believe me.
12. My favorite song right now is called Billy.
13. I need to stop smoking. Period.
14. I love watching men, but am afraid to get too close to any one of them.
15. I miss Brenton when he goes to stay at his dad’s house for the weekend. He leads a busy life, 5 yr old Brenton does.
16. I have deep brown eyes.
17. I used to hate the color pink. In the last two months I’ve discovered that I am rather partial to the color pink subconsiously. Many of my art projects are dominately pink.
18. I am now a mother-in-law and instant grandma to four.
19. I’ve only been in love once in my lifetime. I’d like to experience it just one more time.
20. My painting skills are improving greatly with all the practice I’ve been getting this year.

Worth every brain cell murdered to come up with 100 things about myself~!

I learned a lot about me while compiling this list. I know without any doubt there are many many many more than 100 things about me! I am a complex individual with many years still to do good for the duration. I also have many many years to screw up royally on occasion…
I’m gonna do this again!


86. I love music. Especially live music.
87. I collect elephants and have about 200 of them at present.
88. I love thunderstorms.
89. I don’t own a television and haven’t for over two years now.
90. I would have a zoo if I could afford to feed all those mouths.
91. I like go fishing but I don’t own a fishing pole. I let others do the fishing while I sit on the bank and explore with my eyes what I’d like to put down on the sketch pad in my lap.
92. I am not that perfect individual some people think I am.
93. I am loyal beyond loyal to my friends.
94. I don’t make friends easily but once you are my friend, you are my friend forever, even if you say adios, I will still call you friend because of the memories we made together.
95. I try very hard to dwell on the goodness in life and forget all the bad things we all encounter from day to day.
96. I like to think I am an intellectual.
97. Words are very important to me in that they fascinate me.
98. My favorite piece of clothing is a blue denim dress that shows off my shapely legs.
99. I love to smile.
100. I procrastinate more often than not and having reached the 100 mark with this goal really floors me!


52. I have a blood disorder that wrecks havoc on my body somedays and fibromyalgia that wrecks havoc on my old body almost everyday.

53. I learned the hard way that one should wear their seatbelt even if they think the government shouldn’t have a say in such a personal matter. I don’t think they should have a say in that but they do and much as I hate to admit it…they’re right…seatbelts save lives!

54. I would like to travel to the moon just to say I have been there.

55. I make the best homemade noodles in Kansas! I say that not as braggery, but as fact! Just ask any who have eaten them!

56. I can’t make a meatloaf to save my soul! Just ask anyone whose ever eaten one of my meatloafs! lol Of which there have been very few!

57. I have dark brown eyes that go nicely with my dark brown hair which is relatively free of gray strands in my 46th year. There are grays there but very few and they showed up only in the last couple years.

58. I like to take long drives to nowhere in particular and just enjoy the wind blowing through my hair and the sunshine beaming down. Passengers are not needed, though they are welcome.

59. I hate the taste of Pepsi and drink Coke instead.

60. I have two sons. No daughters. The Good Lord gave me sons cause he knew I would just kill girls! I’m only kidding about killing girls! I think the man upstairs gives you only what you can handle and he knew little girls would drive me totally insane!

61. I like snakes of every size, color and description. Snakes do not belong in a cage under a roof though. They belong outdoors in the wild.

62. I have had two tarantulas in my lifetime. I would like to get another one soon. Binkley was a rose tarantula and Sir Nine was a mexican red-leg tarantula. Beautiful creatures are tarantulas.

63. I am list maker.

64. The appearance of the vehicle I own is of little consequence to me. If it gets me from point A to point B and back home again I am quite happy with that.

65. I know how to change a flat tire but am physically unable to do so.

66. My favorite poet is William Blake.

67. My favorite author of all time is John Grisham.

68. I like junk mail and welcome it gladly into my mail box across the highway from my house. The mail lady dislikes my liking of junk mail as it makes her job harder. I bought her a new mailbox when I moved in so she didn’t have to bring the mail to the door when there was too much to fit in the little box.

69. My favorite holiday is New Years Eve.

70. I like to watch football on TV.

71. I haven’t owned a TV for two years now and have no intention of buying one anytime soon.

72. I sleep odd hours. Somedays I don’t sleep at all and other days I sleep my life away.

73. I hate housework.

74. I am a Taurus and live up to that more than not. Every astrology book I’ve ever read hits the nail on the head everytime for me.

75. I like to watch the stars at night.

76. I love severe thunderstorms. There’s power in a thunderstorm and the more severe they are, the more power unleashed. Unfortunately, I live in a valley and most of the bad ones just skirt around my little town.

77. I have dead bugs in my freezer. They are waiting to be pinned and mounted for display. I do not collect butterflies though as I believe butterflies are much prettier flying around outside than pinned to a board dead as a doorknob!

78. I know a lot of things about a lot of things but not much about any one thing.

79. Cemetaries are my art galleries. I worked as an engraver for four years and I have headstones, grave markers, whatever you want to call them in Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota and Nevada. I call them mine because I did the artwork for 90% of them as well as engraved them.

80. I like to garden but have neither the ambition or the energy to do so these days. My flower beds are in poor shape and crowded with weeds.

81. I want to get married again when the right man comes along.

82. I know things entrusted to me that I will never tell to another human being. That makes me a good listener as well.

83. I don’t know how to get my digital camera to talk to my pc. After trying for six months with uninstalling and reinstalling, I said to hell with it and haven’t bothered again to try to get it work for two years now.

84. Machines and I do not get along well.

85. I like green tea. Iced.

41- 51

41. I like green grapes better than any other kind. Seedless green grapes.

42. I’ve made a sculpture out of toilet paper.

43. I am a packrat.

44. I have been in jail only once in my life. I was seventeen at the time. They made me spend the night. It certainly taught me to keep my hands off things that are not mine! I plan never to spend another night there.

45. I played with baby tigers when I working for the traveling zoo back in 1997. The tigers didn’t travel with our zoo, they belonged to the traveling tiger exhibit. We had more domesticated animals in our zoo…it was a petting zoo afterall.

46. I’ve ridden a camel more times than I can count.

47. I fell off a horse when I six and haven’t been on the back of a horse since! (But I really have ridden camels many many times!)

48. I think RED is the funnest color in the color spectrum. Red evokes to me SEXY! I know a man who looks fabulous in red. When he’s decked out in red, his sexiness just shines through!

49. I tattoo vehicle windows.

50. I believe in ghosts.

51. I need medicated.

16 - 40

16. I have an obsession with paper. I have thousands of sheets of paper. I used to have many many many more than that! Fire isn’t good for paper and the house burning didn’t do my paper obsession any favors!

17. I collect boxes. Small decorative boxes.

18. I eat spinach straight out of the can. Just drain it, squeeze it dry between the hands, sprinkle it generously with salt and chow down! Good stuff!

19. I have six sisters and two brothers. I am fourth from the youngest. My brothers are the youngest.

20. I sound like all my sisters and my mother when I speak or laugh. All of them sound like me as well.

21. I have had 20some rats over the years since I graduated high school. Only two of those rats had babies.
I think that’s all of them….

22. A purring cat is my favorite sound.

23. Freshly mown grass is my favorite smell next the smell of a man fresh from the shower. Course, that don’t apply to just any man…That would apply to one I love.

24. I will not eat black-eyed peas, aka garbonzo beans. They taste like dirt to me. That tells you that I did at least give them a try before scratching them off my long long list of foods I will eat.

25. I am losing my sight slowly. But aren’t we all?

26. I have a goat’s skull hanging on the wall in my computer room along with three deer antlers too. My oldest son gave me the goat’s skull. I bought two of the antlers and found the other in a wheat field when I went walking one day a few summers ago.

27. McDonald’s food does not agree with me. I hate eating at McDonald’s and my friend insists we eat there at times. He doesn’t know I hate it cause I can’t bear to tell him. He likes their food!

28. I have a weakness for musicians because it amazes me that they can bring inanimate objects to life.

29. I cannot play any musical instrument cause I’ve no rhythm. I can however sing. Not that that means anything, because ANYONE can sing! The good lord gave us all that ability. I can’t hold a tune in a tin bucket actually!

30. I LOVE TO SING and care not who hears me doing so!

31. I have false teeth.

32. My mother says I should of been born a boy. I am very tomboyish! Always have been and probably always will be!

33. I have only been married once.

34. I love to read and will read anything I can get my hands on! I really like reference books and coffee table books! I used to own over 3000 books before my house burned almost two years ago. I now own only about a third that many. The collection continues to grow!

35. If someone behind me at the checkout line has only a few items and I have many, I will let them go ahead of me. I do that on a consistent basis, regardless if I’m in a hurry or not. Life can’t be that hurried that you shouldn’t bestow kindnesses wherever they may be given.

36. I have never broken any of my bones. Even a car wreck that almost did me in didn’t break any of my bones. I must have some really tough bones!

37. My favorite metal is Silver.

38. I save tin cans to take to the junkman. That is how I will buy a new set of tires this year for my van. I also collect metals of all kinds to take to the junkman to go along with those tin cans.

39. I believe in God.

40. I want to be buried by a company called Promessa. I used to think I wanted to be cremated, but after reading about the biodegradeable way Promessa proposes to bury you, I like that idea even better! Cornstarch caskets…Everything in the grave goes back to the earth. I like that idea very much!

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