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activelazypup in Stockton is doing 30 things including…

go for a walk every day

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walks have been taken!

I spent the last six days at the lake, camping. I got in a good bit of walking each day while I was there. And then when I got home yesterday, I took another walk to the mailbox and to my sister’s house, next door. I know ‘next door’ doesn’t sound like much of a walk but out here in the country, next door is about a block away! Saturday evening I added dancing to the walk routine as well. It is amazing to me what a live band can bring out of me! I would rather dance everyday than walk anywhere!

A Walk in the Park

I took 5 yr old Brenton to the park after school the day before yesterday. We were there for about 45 minutes. The dog went along as well. That dog needs a walkin regime as badly as I do!
Will take Brenton for more trips to the park in the future!

Can't remember the last time I went for a long walk.

My boy still insists on going after the mail paying no attention to the fact I have lost my daily walk! He says he can’t wait around for me to go fetch the mail. Whatever!
I did get the chance to go after the mail on Friday and Saturday. I may get to go after it today as well. The kids have gone away for the weekend to a wedding on the other end of the state. It’s a good thing I did go get the mail on Friday. The mailbox was stuffed full on Saturday! The mail lady couldn’t have got much more in it!
I still haven’t figured out a new walking regime. Still sleeping all day and up all night. It’s still cold out at night. Though I did see a robin in the yard this afternoon and that tells me spring can’t be far away! Yay!!!!!
I need to lose five pounds. I need to lose a whole lot more than that but we’ll start at five. Soon as it warms up enough, I’ll be taking the dog to the lake a few times a week and I’ll get my walks in there for sure.

no walks to speak of

for about six weeks! Wow!
The reason for that is that my son and his girlfriend have moved in with me and he has this thing about the mail. The thing is he can’t stand to let that mail sit in the box for any length of time! He always beats me to the mailbox!
Guess I need to find another form of walk to take every day.

2 a.m.

and I just came back from a walk across the highway to check the mail from yesterday. Someone forgot to tell me they already brought the mail in. I need to tell my house guests that the mail is my concern and please don’t bring it in the house for me. That’s the only exercise I get these days!
It is very cold outside! All the ice melted yesterday in the sunshine so the trees are happy little campers tonight with only a dusting of frost instead of a quarter inch of ice all over them and everything else out there!
I haven’t a clue what the hell the mailbox held today. It was empty when I opened it up.

I got in a bunch of walking this past week!

Traipsing around in the outdoors! Was excellent for my well-being. Was excellent for my frame of mind as well!

still not going anywhere on foot

Not far on foot anyway…. the daily trek to the mailbox is about it and that doesn’t happen everyday unfortunately. It is now winter in Kansas and the cold plays havoc with this old body badly so walking is kinda out of the question for a few months at least. Once spring comes back around I’ll start a real regime and take off a few pounds I could really stand to lose.
I’ll keep up the trek to the mailbox though. I need my mail and most days I am the one who goes after it.

No Walks to speak of....

less you want to call that jaunt around Walmart on Friday a walk. Ok, we’ll call it one! lol
I have been sleeping the days away and spending the nights awake here of late. That kinda cuts into the walking time. I could go for a walk in the dead of night and take the dog along with me, but folks would think I had lost my mind! And besides that, it isn’t exactly safe to be going for a walk in the dead of night in my neck of the woods. Ain’t thugs I’m scared of! It’s cars on the highway that don’t see the dog in time, coyotes that are roaming in the wilds (I live in the country!), and it’s way to freaking cold out at night to be walking anywhere!


I could say I have gone for a walk cause I always go to the mailbox across the highway or to my sister’s house next door (which actually like down the block).
Yesterday I really did get a workout of a walk though. RJ, Terah, Brenton and I took that silly Fred dog to Webster Lake for a 1/2 mile walk around the shore. Fred stayed in the water for the most part, chasing rocks and sticks that we threw in for him. He retrieved the sticks but wouldn’t bring them back to us on shore. We retrieved the sticks from the edge of the water on the way back to the van and threw them for that silly dog again. I was about wore out by the time it was time to turn back and go the same way we had come.
After Webster Lake we all headed to the State Lake. There’s still no water to speak of in the State Lake. We took a jaunt about the lake nonetheless. Down into the lake bed to collect some bamboo seeds, then across the new walkway that was just built.
After the State Lake we went to Plainville, got sandwiches at the Short Stop and took them to the park where we had a picnic.
I walked a LOT yesterday! I’m feeling it today for sure!
It was a fantastic day though and I slept like a baby last night.

Just to the mailbox

and back to the house.
Those three geese have disappeared from my world. I am hoping the coyotes didnt have goose for dinner but there’s really no way to know if that occured or not.
I guess I did walk a bit further than just to the mailbox this afternoon. I walked a whole block to the pharmacy to pick up my drugs cause there wasn’t a parking spot anywhere near close to the pharmacy’s front door. The walk did me good and the dog behaved himself and stayed in the van!

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