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Getting focused on this goal again. I’ve started volunteering in exchange for classes at another yoga studio, this time closer to my place so I don’t have to go out of my way. It’s only a block from my office!



I took a ballet class at a yoga studio yesterday...

...does that count? It was a beginners class and I held my own until combination steps and counting. Apparently I have no coordination. I think I could master it with practice.

Haven't volunteered or gone to class in forever!

Tonight I’m going to a ballet class though…. Yoga is something that will eventually be a part of my lifestyle. I’ll get there. I know I want it. The desire will make me achieve.

I skipped volunteering this week...

...maybe I’ll go to a class tonight. Although I skipped this week, last week instead of volunteering one day I did it three days, a total of 17 or more hours. That’s more than 4 times as much I have committed to volunteering. Now I have to take advantage of all the free classes I’ve accumulated! I’ve only taken 1 class so far. I MUST start doing this more regularly.

I'm off to volunteer in just a little bit...

And I have a class coming to me from last week’s volunteering as I went out of town for Thanksgiving and wasn’t able to make it to a class last week. I also think I’m going to go to the community classes because they’re donation only. It costs $17 for a yoga class at the studio I volunteer at! Volunteering at the yoga studio is a great way to start the week Monday mornings.

just got home from my first class ever!

I tried Kundalini Yoga. I didn’t know that was an intensive one! There were a few things I couldn’t do but I tried anyway and did everything to the best of my ability. It was great.

volunteering was fun

It’s definitely not hard… actually I didn’t do much. I am excited about being able to contribute and I haven’t taken my first class yet but I will get to it soon. I volunteer again on Monday. This is the place I’m volunteering at:

AWESOME progress!

Today I signed up to volunteer at a yoga center! I work a 4-hr shift tomorrow helping w/cleaning, reception and administrative duties – however I can be of assistance. In exchange for that I get to take free classes. As of yet I’ve never participated in a yoga class in my life, just read about it recently and have been doing a little daily at home… I feel this will be the perfect community for me to get involved.

Still doing some every day...

But I do want to get more serious about it. I’m really just doing a few basics. I haven’t made it all the way through the ‘Yoga for Dummies’ book yet. A friend of mine is a certified instructor and we keep meaning to do it together. I really feel she could give me some direction with it. I do feel like it is helping me get more limber.

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