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9. Cranberry Scones
10. Almond biscotti
11. Pat’s meatballs
12. Chocolate mint cheesecake
13. Cinnamon Chip Scones
14. Gramma’s Sugar Cookies
15. Mrs. Fields Cookies
16. Cheesecake
17. Raspberry Pie
18. Peach Pie
19. White chocolate orange cookies
20. Quick White Bread
21. Lyle’s Banana Bread
22. Hearty Beef Stew w/ V8
23. Chuck Roast recipe from OB

#6 - #8

6. Garlic Croutons! Yummy!

7. Italian Dressing – for the croutons, of course!

8. Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. My husband reports that all four dozen were really good . . .

#4 and #5

4. Winter Chicken Bake.

I got this recipe from AngelFood ministries. It’s baked chicken with BBQ sauce with a great combination of fruits and veggies – apples, cranberries, sweet potatoes, onions, carrots . . . I’m forgetting something . . . My husband even liked it. :)

5 Wild Rice Chicken Salad

Hubby liked this one, too! We live in the north – near wild rice country, so we use quite a bit of it. This has a LOT of wild rice in it, with water chestnuts, grapes, and cashews, too. I like the flavor, but I made too much. Next time, I’ll cut the recipe in half.

3. Chocolate Chip Cookies

From the booklet included with my KitchenAid mixer. Not sure yet how I like them . . . We’ll see what they’re like tomorrow.

2. Brownies!

SO good! I LOVE my KitchenAid mixer! My poor husband probably thought I was more excited about that than him on our wedding day . . .

1. Featherlight Coffee Cake

This didn’t turn out well. But I’ll try again. :)

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